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  1. Who did you order from? Let me know how it turns out as I might want to order from them! I think my i5 can push a GTX660 at least...
  2. Well it was way too hard trying to source a board for this and I had given up quite a while back. Too costly and time consuming for me right now. I've been convinced to go the desktop route again(dark side). In the mean time I went back to a 3230m from the 3940xm and it's funny how capable that processor is. Still playing games just fine(although maybe a slight performance hit in cpu intensive games(hard to really tell), edits videos just fine, and stays under 70c even when editing vids in the summer. I think a good itx build for me is where it's at. Still interested to see videos of these egpu set ups in action.
  3. I'm guessing people are able to put the fan to full blast on the 2570p...the G46 fans cannot be controlled in the bios, or through software...and that's the main issue with the G46.
  4. Are you guys manipulating fan profiles at all with the unlocked bios? I don't notice a difference..you can't really get the fans to go higher I find. It's hardware controlled apparently. You guys should probably compare what your ambient temps are though as that could really be a big factor.
  5. I'm sure it will be nice. Never even heard of that model. Let us know how the battery lasts with that monitor. I do like to use my laptop on battery on occasion, and even with the 3940xm, I get about 5 1/2 hours internet / wifi use with the 900p monitor. I still haven't found a good place to get that 2.2 motherboard by the way....
  6. Brightness levels...this screen can get very bright. I usually use it on the lowest brightness settings. The matte screen is awesome and does it's job in a well it area but it does have an anti-glare look to it. Colors seem fine to me, but again, I'm not a screen guy. The only thing I dislike like the plague is any kind of light bleeding, and thankfully the one I have does not have any light bleed or dead pixels. Viewing angles are fine. If you are sitting down with the display in front of you, and turn the monitor say at a 45 degree angle, I can see text and everything clearly. It's just when you stand up and don't tilt the monitor more downward, the screen will get that washed out look. So if your sitting and standing every 30 seconds I could see this screen being a problem To me it's a definite upgrade over the 768p monitor that's for sure. I thought the stock 768p monitor however, was also good. I'd say go with the FHD display with the 8ms screen, because I'm interested to see your opinion on it.
  7. You don't really have to dismantle the whole system, you just have to remove the keyboard, and you'll be able to see what version you have. That's what I did any way. But a poster here did take it to an apple store and was able to connect to a thunderbolt display..and you can also connect a thunderbolt drive and find out that way as another poster here mentioned.
  8. Ok I got a question for you and the OP: To the OP, what was your motherboard version # on newegg? To jacobsson, what is your motherboard version #? Maybe we can narrow down which versions of the g46 motherboard have thunderbolt, and which do not. There are four revisions of the motherboard. Rev 1.0, 1.2, 2.0, and 2.2. Right now we know 2.2 has thunderbolt. Question is does version 2.0 have thunderbolt? I'm guessing 1.0 and 1.2 does not have thunderbolt. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Thanks for posting your findings. I think a video guide would be cool. Have you compared the performance of this versus a desktop of similar specs? My concern is...is there bandwidth limitation for an egpu setup like this. I thought that is why most people opted for mid-range desktop Gpu when using an egpu set up....because this kind of setup has limited bandwidth for some reason? Or does thunderbolt provide a lot more bandwidth then other ports people set up egpus with. Also wondering why go with a 780ti? Are you running 2560x1600 monitor? Anyway great stuff and good job. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Contact Klem if you want unlocked bios Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. I've had a Clevo before, would not hesitate to buy their 15.6 inch model with the gtx780m. Their laptop while not as flashy, are of very good quality, and usually cool well.
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