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  1. Can this be used to overclock my 750m sli? Lenovo seems to have locked them and won't let me overclock them.
  2. EnvoyEngineer

    Asus G46 Unlocked Bios

    Klem so just to clear everything up? All of the info i need for windows, mac adress and all will stay the same, correct? Also, i can't seem to find a place to send you a private message.
  3. EnvoyEngineer

    G75VW with GTX 660M poor performance

    oh and for the backlight keyboard make sure that you have the ATK and hotkey utilities drivers downloaded (ASUSTeK Computer Inc. -Support- Drivers and Download ATK_package) just go there select your OS and then install.
  4. EnvoyEngineer

    G75VW with GTX 660M poor performance

    Don't flash your bios unless you have to. One small mistake and you have a bricked mobo. Try the lastest nvidia drivers and see if that helps. Even try the beta drivers if the WHQL drivers don't. Beta drivers just mean that they haven't sent them to Microsoft to be "Approved."
  5. EnvoyEngineer

    Asus G46 Unlocked Bios

    Klem, On the bios that you have would it affect my windows 8 activation key? I am very worried to lose the key and the serial numbers for my windows 8 activation. I have only flashed 1 bios in my life and i would hate to brick my brand new laptop.
  6. EnvoyEngineer

    Asus G46 Unlocked Bios

    Something else i have notice on these bios is that if you select "use default settings" in bios, mine switched to a legacy boot instead of UEFI and then it thought my msata was corrupt and would not recognize it or my boot usb. Just a heads up for possible trouble shooting. Number 4, i need 1 more!
  7. EnvoyEngineer

    Locating modded VBIOS's for a GTX 660M

    If you have a 660m with the G46VW i believe KLEM can help you but you have to have 5 posts which i am working on now xD
  8. I almost got this laptop. What is the max benchmark someone has gotten with the bios?

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