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Lenovo Y580 / Y480 'unlocked' BIOS versions


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It never ceases to amaze me of the stupid things mfgs do. Thank goodness there are forums like this to work around issues like this. Not being able to get to the bios so I can replace a bad hard is a joke. No more lenovo's for me. Hopefully the instructions below will work for me when I do finally get to download the file.






You're all going to have to accept the fact that you're basically going to have pay the $6 membership fee to have access to these files. I paid the price and it was completely worth it given the amount of time and headaches that were saved.


I got the Intel 7260 AC card here: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00MY9S692/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1


I have a Y580. My bios version was v2.07. 


I downloaded the file named "[Y580][Y480]-'unlocked_BIOS'_660mGHzEdition_WhitelistMod.zip"


I got the error about the version not being newer than the current one I have, so I followed these directions:

  • Open platform.ini in notepad.
  • Find the line number 3: "SwitchString=ACEN DCEN CPVER:[1] FHRST RESSEN"
  • Change the "RESSEN" to "RESSDIS"
  • Save the file then launch InsydeFlash.exe.


Enjoy your new Wi-Fi card.


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For those who have already unlocked the BIOS Whitelist and using an AC Modem/Router but still not totally content with their Wifi performance.

Why not upgrade to the latest Intel Wireless AC 8265 ?

Details of this Wifi card ... https://ark.intel.com/products/94150/Intel-Dual-Band-Wireless-AC-8265 , click Export Specifications for full specs.
This card is about stability and MU-MIMO technology for those who play games and BlueTooth 4.2

This Intel AC8265 is only marginally slower than the Atheros Killer AC 1535 + Bluetooth 4.1 but with no connection issues which plagues the Atheros card. 
This Intel Wireless AC8265 card is therefore the best wireless card currently available on the market.

Requirements:-     Intel Dual Band Wireless AC 8265 card.   http://ebay.eu/2fUR9yu
                                M.2 NGFF to Mini PCI-e mSATA adapter/converter card.   http://bit.ly/2yrZgfF  
                                2 x cable converters, IPEX-4 to IPEX .  http://bit.ly/2fEiXdr  (no soldering required)

1) Firstly, remove the old Y580 Bluetooth module.
2) Go to Intel Driver Download page for PROSet Wirelss and Bluetooth software, download.
3) Connect M.2 NGFF to Mini PCI-e mSATA adapter/converter card to laptop. (Do NOT break off the superfluous parts of the adapter)
4) Connect the  Wireless AC 8265 card to the adapter.
5) Connect the 2 x cable converters. (careful with delicate connectors, use heatshrink with connecters, tuck cables beneath end of adapter)
6) Install Drivers.

I can confirm it works perfectly with web pages loading distinctly faster/snappier and no experience of any connection lag.


Old Y580 Bluetooth card.



Connected cables + heatshrink.



Completed Upgrade.       



Device manager and Intel Driver Download.


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Can someone tell me what to do when my GPU on this modded BIOS just throttling at 1000MHz to 405MHz when it's reach only 83*C (the max temp is set to 91*C)? I'm using ThrottleStop and CPU works properly.


No problem when running on stock clock. My PSU is stock from Lenovo 120W. Did I need to have plugged battery?



Nevermind I found the issue. Need to buy a more power PSU. With battery everything works OK, but battery drain.

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