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  1. Thank you svl7 ..enjoy that beer! Problem was the USB stick. Bought a new one, format it with DOS, ran PRR from C:> and executed fpt -f... the 6205 is working flawlessly!
  2. Format the USB with which utility? I formatted the USB from Windows, and then added the following files: fparts, fpt, prr, v801.rom. How should I do it?
  3. Thank you svl7 for all your hard work into this! I'll def. buy you a beer.. but I can't flash it! I'm having a similar issue too booting to USB. Because I get Error 28, I have to run PRR in DOS. Placed all files in USB, then the BIOS boot settings; Boot Mode > Legacy Support Boot Priority > Legacy First USB Boot > Enabled Reboot, and system idles/flickers at the "Lenovo" splash screen. I reboot again hit F12 at Lenovo splash screen and get this: "System doesn't have any USB boot option. Please select other boot option in boot Manager menu." jovian, what steps did you take to boot in USB? Does it matter which USB port? What files did you have on your USB stick?
  4. Hey guys, I've been out of the loop for awhile from this site and reading some of these last posts there's a working whitelist BIOS for the v8.01???? ..I'll have to go back several posts ad catchup!
  5. Upgrade to WIN8 PRO and the latest Intel 2200 drivers.. from that, I have been receiving a solid connection!
  6. I updated the Centrino 2200 driver first. Then upgraded to Windows 8 Pro. It was after upgrading and downloading all the O/S required updates that I saw a solid connection. So whether you update the WLAN driver first or WIN 8 Pro first, it does not matter. But in my case how I went about, I would have to say the WIN 8 Professional version must have done the solid connection. - - - Updated - - - If there is a whitelist BIOS available, go with the Centrino 6205 (no BT) for your Y580. You can find them on Amazon for 9.99.
  7. Mine used to do that too.. I would lose a connection almost evey 30-45mins of use. Yesterday, I downloaded UBUNTU (~800MB) with it, completed without an interrruption/disconnect. Connection holds solid now, but I prefer to install my 6205 card.
  8. In regards to a whitelist BIOS and this weak 2200 card. Two weeks ago I upgraded Windows 8 on my Y580 to Windows 8 Pro (39.99) and updated the Intel Centrino 2200 software to ver. Until now, I would have to say as a temporary fix, it's been a solid wireless connection without a single disconnect throughout the house.
  9. Mojo, you have the same Y580 (59345717</SPAN>), as I do, that is the one with a 1TB & blu ray player. svl7 has remoted into my laptop and attempted to get the modified BIOS to flash/work. Unfortunately, the O/S kept crashing. Currently, I'm not certain where the progress stands...
  10. svl7, any progress on BIOS 5DCN90WW??
  11. You bought a new Y580 yesterday and the BIOS version was 2.06? Where did you buy yours, and what is your laptop's model number? I bought mine in December '12 from New Egg. Those of you who have the Y580 with BIOS 5DCN90WW v8.01, is your model number 59345717?</SPAN>
  12. Right click each file and go to > General tab > click on Unblock (if available). Then for file fptw64, right click > Compatibility tab > check mark Run as Administrator. Finally, for FLASH right click > select Run as administrator to execute process.
  13. I did not receive this error.. I got error: Error 28: Protected Range Registers are currently set by BIOS, preventing flash access. Please contact the target system BIOS vendor for an option to disable Protected Range Registers.
  14. It's under the SECURITY header > Secure Boot. I was able to enable it. If your Y580 came with WIN7, your BIOS is different from Y580, WIN8.
  15. As you've read through the forum, there are issues for those who have the Y580, WIN8-64b and cannot flash the modified BIOS, resulting in various errors... svl7 attempted to resolve this on my machine, to which I provided the BIOS dump (5DCN90WW). Still awaiting to hear from him.
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