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managed to flash by putting all the commands and make a .bat file

had to overwrite the subsystem vendor id mismatch

though i did not put in any commands to freeze the window after commands were done executing but i saw the progress bar finish...

restarted machine


went into Bios>system information and GPU shows as "Unknown Device" and "Unknown Driver".

in windows is shows as "VGA Compatible Device" (before it was "Microsoft basic display adapter"

running the nvflash -a again shows that the GTX 880m is infact detected in windows.

but its not being detected by the windows as a GTX 880m (only as a VGA compatible device)

i am unable to install drivers.

the Bios i used was a MSI 8gb GTX 880m vBios from "techpowerup"


i am unable to download any of the modded bios on this forum (insufficient posts?). the svl7 bios pack at

seems useful but i cant download that too (insufficient privileges)


if the bios i used seems to be the probelm, can somone please point me towards a downloadable modded vBios for GTX 880m 8GB?

i am looking for stability and want to avoid any power throttling, not interested in any overclocking or boosts...



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