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  1. Where do I find the fix for WIndows 8.1 to overclock again? Updating broke the overclocking, could you help me maybe?
  2. Where do I find that? Could you direct me to a page as this thread is massive, or is there any search feature I can use? - - - Updated - - - Also, is it one of the ones on the first page of the thread? If so, which one?
  3. So, I recently updated to Windows 8.1 and it messed up SLI and led me to have to do some searching online and find out that I had to flash the VBios with the fixed 8.1 bios from Lenovo, and after I did so, overclocking stopped working, one card overclocks, but the other doesn't. Could anyone help me please? If you need anymore info at from me, don't hesitate to ask
  4. Hold up, so the cpu is socketed, I can just screw it out? Do I need to do something to the bios? - - - Updated - - - Also, do I need to disassemble the entire thing to get to the cpu?
  5. Okay, so I'm thinking about upgrading my cpu in my laptop in a year or so. I have a Y500 with a i5-3230M, and I want to put in an i7-3612QM because it's a quad core. I've looked and it's the same voltage as my current cpu, and the same socket. However, I want to know whether the cpu in the Y500 is socketed or soldered in, can I take it out safely and put a new cpu in? Also, if I do put in a new cpu, what do I have to do to accommodate it? Do I have to get a new bios? Also, can my motherboard support a cpu that draws 45W instead of 35W? There are Y500's with cpus that draw 45W, so will it work the same in my laptop? Thanks
  6. So, svl7, when I flash the bios it gives "PDR region not found" and "GBE region not found". What do i do?
  7. So, I started the process for unlocking from square one, but when I open Insydeflash for the Y500 Bios 2.02 I get the error that says "Bios compare error".
  8. Oh, thanks, I'm sorry if I wasted your time.
  9. Well, when I try to do it, I keep getting the same error "EEPROM not suppported" However, GPU #1 flashes fine without any problems whatsoever, I can't even turn off the EEPROM protection on GPU #0
  10. Nevermind, so I have two GPUs the index tells me their #s are 0 and 1, 1 flashes completely fine, but 0 keeps giving me an error that says "EEPROM not supported" despite the fact that the cards are Identical
  11. Okay, it seems that I've done it, but for some reason MSI Afterburner won't let me turn up the clock speed more than 135 mhz. Is there a special process to overclocking?
  12. Well, I can only seem to be able to flash one GPU, the other just gives me an error when I try to flash saying "EEPROM not supported" - - - Updated - - - I have GT 650M SLI if that helps.
  13. Svl, could you possibly help me? I keep getting problems with EEPROM while flashing, could you tell me the problem? I'm using SLI btw. - - - Updated - - - I keep getting problems with EEPROM while flashing, could you tell me the problem? I'm using SLI btw.
  14. prr.exe says it's not compatible with 64-bit Windows, what do I do?
  15. Never mind the previous comment. But when i execute prr.exe it says "This app can't run on your PC"
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