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  1. hello.what model laptop with you?and how you install?which version to use nvflash?thanks
  2. or anyone help me?!how install this Nvidia GTX 880m - 'OC edition' - rev00 in XMG P724(CLEVO P370SM-A)2x gtx880m 16gb. or first must need instal prema mod bios?
  3. win 10 64 bit.i use nvflash 5.127 and try use 5.117 and 5.128 and 5.163.. and everywhere the same
  4. please help me.I'm doing c:> nvflash -i0 -6 880m.rom enter NVIDIA Firmware update utility(version 5.127) I/O ERROR:Connot open file:880m.rom PLEASE HELP GTX 880M SLI
  5. hello.help me.how you install vbios gtx 880m sli?
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