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  1. Could you provide more detailed instructions or give a link for this modification? Particulary this: "need to connect the ID line to ground to get the full 330W". Were is the ground in clevo connector? Thank you in advance! So it's pretty easy to trick this ID chip and power restriction in 330W m18x PSU when modified for clevo?
  2. Anyway, thanks a lot for your attention and advises to my case!
  3. Does it make any sence trying to flash invisible card for NVFLASH?
  4. Both cards look identicaly, same model and revision, same vBIOS acording to stickers. Onemore thing: can this card harm my system during flashing attempts?
  5. So, the best solution is to send this non-functional card back to seller for a replacement? P.S. I have some experience with flashing back to stock vBIOS bricked gtx670M with success...it was visible by NVFASH.
  6. I would like to ask about this symptom: the card is not recognized and NVFLASH even can not see it in DOS in second (SLAVE) mxm slot. Does it mean wrong vBIOS (or empty EEPROM) or this can be physical defect of card? How it can be fixed? Thanks in advance!
  7. Advise needed! My situation: I've got second gtx670mx from the same seller I've earlier got my first gtx670mx. First card works like a charm. Second appears not functional. I've realised that when new arrived card was installed in master mxm slot, computer start booting wiht black/empty screen, three beeps, crasy spin of fan, emergency shut down and as a result - system crush. The seller advised to flash faulty card with stock vBIOS from my working card to avoid replacement procedure. So I've performed attempt of blind flash in master slot and also tried to flash in slave slot. NVFLASH (the latest) does not see mentioned card in slave mxm slot. So all attemps were unsuccessful. Any tricks or tips for the situation? What else can be performed prior to sending card to RMA? Thank you in advance!
  8. Hi! What is best NVIDIA driver for GTX600MXseries for PlanetSide 2 ? Thank you in advance!
  9. Check eBay first. I've found 65-100 USD prices. $70 shipped from HK, 12 cell.
  10. Found this one: Dell ADP-330AB B 330W AC Adapter Charger 19.5V 16.9A. Not expencive. Hope it's possible to use with CLEVO after modification. Any suggestion: is it possible and safe to use 300W PSU with CLEVO m980NU? (old 220W PSU is not enough for 2 VGA and moderate OCing) THX.
  11. Agree. The best in price/performance. I'm thinking about upgrade my RAID 0 3X500Gb Hitachi 7200.5 to 2XSSD RAID 0 + 1Tb 7200 HDD
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