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M17xR4 hd7970 gpu upgrade - different heatsink?


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Hi there, 


I'm planning to upgrade my gpu to the gtx 980 from my now knackered cooked 9 times hd7970, but looking at pictures and videos on the web I have a different 3 pipe heatsink to most it seems... 


Others appear to have more copper present on the memory cooler section than mine. 


My question is for anyone who has the same heatsink or knows of this one, have they been able to cool another gpu successfully? 




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I was just pulling my M17x R3 apart today actually and it's still in pieces next to me. My heatsink also seems to have the extra copper for the memory. Maybe it has something to do with yours being AMD but I don't see why tbh. I would have thought you'd need the Nvidia heatsink for the 980M as they are set up differently on the card. 

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