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  1. Could you please upload heatsink modification instruction ? Wanna upgrade mine heatsink GTX to RTX
  2. I found the issue. Aetina 970m cards DOES NOT support eDP. You need pure LVDS connection
  3. Hi guys i have P770DM-g and just bought Quadro M4000m. It works and drivers are installed but gpu only works on base clocks Also in BIoS it is shown as Unknown. Tries several vbioses from tpu but no luck. Is there original Clevo Vbios ? Or may be someone faced with this before ? I have 9600kf cpu and 330w pau. I also have m3000m but it behaves the same...
  4. Okay so found Vbios which works with mu machine. Thread could be closed now
  5. Hi guys Got the Quadro M3000m installed in my P770dm-g but have no image on internal screen found Vbios of Lenovo Dell and HP - Under Dell Vbios it does not fire up both screens under HP and Lenovo it can fire up external but no internal one. Heard there is Clevo vbios for it but not sure...
  6. Hi Guys, may be someone could give me a good advice... The system: Alienware m17x R4 with 120hz panel form r3 (LG - LGD02C5) Bios Dell A15 (Also tried unlocked A11) Now installed GTX 860m 4gb (Kepler edition) works with no issue Bought GTX 970 6gb Aetina production Works under MS driver Does not show image on eDP internal screen right after installing Nvidia modded drivers All external ports ( HDMI, eDP VGA) works with no issues - tested on benchmarks the card itself works great The internal screen could blink several times depending on vBios flashed ( so the card is trying to fire it up) Internal screen is not recognized properly - Using Monitor asset manager i observed that: GTX 860 create two monitor entries 1) Realtime and 1) Registry GTX 970m creates two monitor entries 1)Registry and 2) Registry If I change the max Hz using CRU to 100 and Close/Open laptop screen it will show picture in 1024x768 resolution with no possibility to extend and it also see a "Virtual monitor" attached to real one ( extended) So the main issue is that INTERNAL Display is recognized AS 2 displays 1 connected to the internal laptop port and one into Display port: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1gehYFsabXcrB9bvaKwsTSCqIS4FGSGIF?usp=sharing vBios tried Premav2, MSI,Dell,Clevo Drivers version tried: 340,350,380,411 I searched for a something related to my issue here and found themes which are really near - but with different problems
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