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Rtx 2080Ti Price


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Maybe if you check ebay/amazon warehouse you'll find something in about 3-4 months. Is it worth it? It depends: if you have a very good system but a 1070/2060 or lower you will benefit from the upgrade.

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In my opinion the card overall is to expensive.
Even with 999$.
For sure it's a good deal when you catch it at this price, but ask yourself: "What hardware do I have and is the price for this graphicscard really worth it?"

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This is probably old news but with the upcoming release of the Nvidia Rtx 3070, it should be equal to or slightly faster than the 2080 Ti and at a lower price point.  So everyone is trying to sell their 2080 Ti's for the best dollar they can get and upgrade to the new Nvidia Rtc 3000 series.

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