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  1. Hi Klem, the results file was too big to upload to this site so I uploaded it to sendspace.com. The link is below: https://www.sendspace.com/file/ct5kyf Let me know if you anything else. Thanks again for your help.
  2. Thanks for the clarification and assistance. I'll see if I can generate the file when I get home tonight from work and post it here later tonight.
  3. Thanks for the reply. I joined 3 days ago and am hopefully waiting till my status upgrades allowing me to download the unlocked Bios for the GT 70 msi-1782 model. Can you confirm that once I download the bios and flash it properly, I should be able to make the necessary changes in the advanced settings of the bios menu to fix the fan speed issue? Again thanks for your help.
  4. My Msi Gt-70 suddenly died as well last week. After removing the video GPU card it started up with no problems except it now had the previously mentioned 100% fan speed problem. I wonder if the failure was really the GPU card or the GPU card socket. I unfortunately do not have any way to insert another card to test the socket or install the old GPU card into another MSi laptop.
  5. This is probably old news but with the upcoming release of the Nvidia Rtx 3070, it should be equal to or slightly faster than the 2080 Ti and at a lower price point. So everyone is trying to sell their 2080 Ti's for the best dollar they can get and upgrade to the new Nvidia Rtc 3000 series.
  6. It;s been about 5 years since the original post was written and it seems that the Oculus rift vr novelty is still a novelty. I may be mistaken, but there does not seem to be a lot of new games being developed for the system that makes it a worthwhile purchase. I tried the Oculus in a arcade last year and yes it was new and interesting, but if I owned one at home I would eventually find that the vr experience wears off and the equipment would sit around unused and unloved. That would explain the Oculus rift sets being sold on Kijiji every couple of months where I live.
  7. I purchased a used MSi Gt70 gaming laptop years ago. At the time, it was my first "gaming" laptop. The msi gt 70 was okay, but I could play pc games much better on my older gaming desktop. Unless you need a laptop for portability, I would recommend sticking with a pc desktop for gaming alone, unless you are buying a top of the line gaming laptop.
  8. Part of your decision should depend on what type of gaming are you wanting to do. 1st person shooters versus RPG. Evidently you would be able to get more bang for the buck if you use the money to build a desktop pc system versus a gaming laptop. If possible I would consider increasing my budget to $1500 US if possible. With the new Nvidia 3000 series video cards available, you would be able to build a powerful system that would hopefully satisfy your gaming needs for years. If $1000 budget is firm then you may be able to buy a used system cheaper than building brand new. If you decide to go used then get someone to help you examine the pc specs of any used computer you are thinking of buying, assuming you are not familiar with all the latest cpu/gpu's available on the market these days. Good luck with the build.
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