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  1. Sometimes I'm also streaming some classics, maybe a bit CS or Overwatch. My Twitchlink is: https://twitch.tv/holt31
  2. I have the same problem as you. What have you done to get the download working?
  3. As far as I know it's not compatible. I don't know one motherboard that supports it currently.
  4. I agree to zhengchengjin. AMD is cheaper and you can enhance other parts. Mostly Intel is one step ahead of AMD currently, but I think it could be possible, that AMD this time could make the step to kick Intel from the throne. I bet it doesn't need a long time for Intel to build better CPU's then AMD again, but for now AMD seems to be a step ahead of Intel and it's good like it is.
  5. In my opinion the card overall is to expensive. Even with 999$. For sure it's a good deal when you catch it at this price, but ask yourself: "What hardware do I have and is the price for this graphicscard really worth it?"
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