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Weird noise coming from y500 internal fan, NOT ultrabay card fan.


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Every once and a while, my fan will start rattling, and everything works fine, but it is just extremely annoying and I don't know how to make it stop. I tried using the dust cleaning function of the lenovo battery application, and it helped a little but occasionally it will start making the noise, and it is really loud and concerning because I hope it is not indicating any other more pressing issues with the Y500.

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Yeah the fan is dying. Had the same problem.. first it was quite bearable but over a time of like 3-4 months it became really loud.. cleaned it all n stuff but the noise still there... i bought a new fan of ebay now it's as quiet as it was when i bought it in 2013 :D

maybe it was imbalance in magnet or something i dont know..just get uzrself a new fan they're not expensive =)

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