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  1. Hi. Did you manage to find a laptop that would fit the described criteria? I've been looking for a similar hardware setup with a 16-17" screen and, therefore, a bit heavier. So far haven't had much luck with the search, though. I figured the size of the screen could be the limiting factor when it comes to the weight of the machine. I used to have Asus ROG GL502 - a 15.6" laptop with 1060 that was slight over 2kg. Its dimensions, however, were almost identical to the 17" model. Yet I could never find a 17" model that would be below 2.8kg. I am searching for a replacement now, but it looks like the technology hasn't improved much over the last 5 years. Perhaps it is best going with the i-GPU after all, the only option we have right now for a 15.6-16" laptop below 1.8kg. Shall see how the upcoming AMD RDNA3.0 i-GPU performs, could be powerful enough for modest gaming needs.
  2. While Open Hardware Monitor is easy to find, the IdeaFan 2.0 program is a different story. The latest version of IdeaFan in this thread is 1.9 and that one didn't work for me. Could you please tell where the 2.0 version can be downloaded?
  3. Enly

    Changing heatsink

    Highly unlikely, unless it's a completely different architecture with a more efficient radiator that still fits the chassis (so hypothetically - yes, in reality - no)
  4. Ironically, I have two different HP Pavilion dv6 models from 2010 and 2012 and Toshiba Satellite U400 from 2008, all of them still rocking with Win10 on board. The HP's BIOS whitelist is the worst, though. Could really use a better Network card with 5Gz channels support.
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