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  1. would this work on y500 too? if so i would be in.
  2. Am I reading it right, you can't get into BIOS?
  3. +360MHz +500MHz got 3897 in Fire Strike
  4. hey guys so i tried to flash my ultrabay 650m in my lenovo y500 with the files provided here: i had to --protectoff to even get the process starting.. it ran through and it said the flash is completed.. i restartet and nvidiainspector doesnt recognize a modified bios nor does it let me get past the 135 limit.. everything seems to be the same.. what can i do?? something wrong with the pcie subsystem? i have the modded 2.04. bios does this vbios only work when i have a modded 2.02 bios?
  5. dude i would be so in for an y500 adapter too
  6. Hey sorry for my bad english and sorry if this question is kinda stupid.. So i have a y500 650m SLI and already flashed the bios. I thought about getting myself a EXP GDC v8 + 220W Dell power brick and a 1050 Ti from Zotac. i googled a bit and found some ppl saying that the y500 model 1(? - i don't know which one i have) only has mPCIE x1 - so whatever it is they say it's kinda slow. So my questions are, do i only have 1x PCIE, how can i find out and to what "powerer degree" of graphics card can i get, that doesnt suffer from power loss then?! Is a 1050Ti ok für that PCIE 1x? i attached a screen of my nvidia inspector window maybe it helps
  7. 110Hz here since 2 years, no problems
  8. Yeah the fan is dying. Had the same problem.. first it was quite bearable but over a time of like 3-4 months it became really loud.. cleaned it all n stuff but the noise still there... i bought a new fan of ebay now it's as quiet as it was when i bought it in 2013 maybe it was imbalance in magnet or something i dont know..just get uzrself a new fan they're not expensive =)
  9. SPLIT - Awesome psychohorror movie w a shizophrenic guy
  10. Hey there. i own a y500 and want to flash its bios.. some googling brought me here.
  11. for my x64 system, do i put the fpt or the fptw64 on the stick? nvm got it.. worked fine. ofc it's the ftp.exe edit: can i use the vbios for the ultrabay card since have the modded 2.04? he says the vbios is only for ppl with 2.02 bios?! does the vbios for ultrabay only work for 2.02 bios? in the attechments there is only stock 2.02 and no modded one?! and the small 2.02 file seems to be corrupted since i cant open it with no archiver.. edit edit: nvm everything works fine. i had to flash it in windows. If anyone has Windows 10 and same problems here is how i did it: Get Nvflash for windows. Open PowerShell as Admin (Windows Button + X then klick powershell admin) i moved my nvflashfolder here C:\nvflash typed: chdir C:\nvflash the rom to also in nvflash folder typed: .\nvflash64 -iX -6 filename.rom X stands for the gpu slot.. so my ultra bay is 1 and filename.rom is your romname so for me it was .\nvflash64 -i1 -6 vbios.rom after reboot everything worked fine. thanks to all programmers who put their effort in it.
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