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Lenovo y480 code 43 with Zotac GTX1050 Ti


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I plugged in egpu, booted it up with my gtx 1050 ti and no matter what driver I use, I keep getting code 43. I don't know, but i believe my bios has something to do with it. Can someone plz clearify what I need to do in my case to get code 43 out. Thanks

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From what I have read - 1050ti won't work when using mPCIe - which I assume you are using in the Y480.


This is because it requires you to install an older driver first (372) then upgrade - however driver 372 doesn't  support 1050ti.


See this thread for some other guys trying to find a way around it.


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You could try a GTX 1060 and this should work fine with the Y480


What is your EGPU  setup?

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Did you figure this out? I have this problem now too.

On 2/11/2017 at 0:25 AM, classicarl said:

I'm having the same issue with my Y580.


I'm using a 1050ti with the Beast v8.0 PCIe adapter.


I just got the files to unlock the bios on this badboy. I'll check back once I have this figured out.


I have a GTX 1050 with EXP GDC Beast.

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