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  1. I'm having the same issue with my Y580. I'm using a 1050ti with the Beast v8.0 PCIe adapter. I just got the files to unlock the bios on this badboy. I'll check back once I have this figured out.
  2. I agree with @Ursa. I do not own a Y500. But I do own a Y580. I believe the reason you cannot use the integrated chipset on the Y500 has something to do with Optimus support (I could be wrong, but take that as a direction to look for more answers). Try getting a Y500 motherboard off ebay for 200 bucks and try it out! Let us know your findings. JK that's a bit ridiculous. But if you film it and post it on YouTube, you might get your money back
  3. Have we tried adding the executable of the program in 'Program Settings' under 'Manage 3D Settings'? You could add the program manually and select the GPU in step 2. Alternatively, if you right click on the .exe file for the program, you might see a ribbon option to 'Run with graphics processor'. From there you can select the GPU as well. What is the state of the device in 'Device Manager'? Any errors? What version of the NVidia Driver software are we running?
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