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  1. I plugged in egpu, booted it up with my gtx 1050 ti and no matter what driver I use, I keep getting code 43. I don't know, but i believe my bios has something to do with it. Can someone plz clearify what I need to do in my case to get code 43 out. Thanks
  2. K'nuckles

    EXP GDC Beast/Ares-V7/V6 discussion

    error 43, can't seem to figure it out
  3. I know how you feeling. Im aslo stuggling with error 43...
  4. K'nuckles

    mPCIE Error 43 with 10-series cards

    I keep getting error 43 anyone solve it yet on lenovo y480
  5. K'nuckles

    EGPU with NVIDIA GTX 1050 ti

    I keep getting error 43. anyone else? any tips how to slove it?
  6. does this help with external gpu? i seem to be getting error 43 and i was wondering if this will get it to work.

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