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What am I missing?


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Hi all and merry Christmas / happy holidays


I bought myself an unknown laptop. It is called Vision Computer, but has no other name. CPU-Z says the mobo is PBL21, and apparently some Clevo laptops and IBuyPower laptops has this mobo.

Anywho, it works, it's fast and was cheap. It has a 4 core 8 thread intel I7 2720QM, 16 gb RAM, Nvidia gt 540m, ssd and a screen. Note that it doesn't have an iGPU only dGPU.


First I tried to just plug and play. Didn't succeed.


Secondly I did a successful DSDT override, got the large memory, but nope. 


Then I tried some stuff with the DIY setup 1.30 although most of the time, it couldn't connect to the eGPU.


I have successfully installed the drivers, when the eGPU was detected correctly. But it doesn't want to play ball.


Some advice would be nice. :)

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