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  1. Damn man! Good shit! But I already agreed to buy the disgusting alienware laptop. Also, I tried following your steps but it didn't work. Guess I shoulda bought the mpci-e version. But how's the game performance compared to desktop version? It should be around 70% right? And it sucks u can't use pascal gpus.
  2. Thanks Darkthor. But I'm probably going to just get an ugly ass alienware and plug up that alienware amp thing to it. I don't want to fuck up my laptop and not be able to sell it. Damn, this is going to cost some money. Guess I'll have to skip paying for rent this month :\
  3. I bought this thingy-mabob so I can try an egpu build. It's an Sonnet Echo Pro Adapter. what it does is it able to connect to expresscard devices over thunderbolt. I bought the Pe4c (which is the thing to put your gpu at) and I put in an old gt 640 (yes it works). I crossed my fingers AND I prayed but all this shit does is make the fans spin at like 1000rpm (I got a nice little personal fan now). I tried updating BIOS and disabling dGPU I even fresh installed my computer (goodbye porn ) Anyway, I wanted to do this because in the long run, it would have saved me money instead of buying a new computer. All I would have needed to do was buy a new gpu and BAM! 4K gaming. But if anyone wanna help my sorry ass, please do so. I wanna play BF1 but 4 year old gpu is crap. Please anyone with knowledge of this subject or maybe even the legendary Nando4 can help. Thanks.
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