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  1. Thanks for your prompt answer. I will contact BPlus or the agency where I bought the adapter. I will share result.
  2. Hi all, I posted a topic to share my successful installation one year ago, here is the topic link : And after a perfect use for almost one year (11monthes and few days), from yesterday the egpu is not detected by Setup1.30 anymore. I didn't change anything on the computer side, nor on the egpu adapter. Same cpu, memory etc. Now when I boot, one of the 4 LED on the egpu adapter turn RED and setup1.30 is no more detecting the egpu card. Also the fan of the gtx750ti is staying at a high speed run. I join the picture of the egpu adapter with the LED turned RED. If anyone have an idea of what happen... One more thing, one time of ten time booting, egpu is working fine. But freeze after around 30mn of use. SPEC : ACER iconia-6210 (dual screen laptop, no physical keyboard) CUP core i5 480M RAM 8gb SSD 256 Windows 10 pro 64bit pe4c v3.0 mPCIE connecter Dell D220P AC adapter Asus GTX750ti
  3. Hi all, I have created a video to explain and show the adapter working on this laptop. Just have a look if you want to see connection and all.
  4. Hi all, Here is a new success story for egpu on laptop. During my settings all informations that i needed was found here, so i just want to share my experience. If it can help anyone in future (apologize for my english...) Laptop ACER iconia-6210 (dual screen laptop, no physical keyboard) CUP core i5 480M RAM 8gb SSD 256 Windows 10 pro 64bit eGPU adapter pe4c v3.0 mPCIE connecter Dell D220P AC adapter Asus GTX750ti (use with hdmi cable to television) Installation First the mPCIe express slot can be connect with just opening the rear panel, but can not be close after set the egpu. The first day i did all the connection, swith-on egpu power, switch PC give me nothing, just graphic card fan running and a red light on the egpu adapter. With turning switch1 to position2 on the adapter solve the problem (green light and windows running) But nothing automaticaly detected in windows. The device manager show only onboard intel graphic. In the forum, i saw that sometimes hot plug&play can resolve. I tried, but nothing detect. So i decided to buy setup1.3 from nando. After received it, just install and re-boot. After booting setup1.3 menu, message showed me that no egpu is detected, but after enable port2 form menu, it show "nvidia". But after chainload windows10, the card was detect as "windows default card". Tried to install nvidia driver, but the driver could not be install because "nvidia card not found". I tried to disable the second screen (as the laptop itself have 2 screens), and then the card was correctly detected. I need to disable the 2 screens on laptop if i want to use the card. Now everything run perfeclty at 1920x1080 resolution. A really good surprise that gta5 is also playable with 30~50fps(benchmark) biohazard6 -> max settings gta4 -> max settings, only view distance is set to half due to cpu restriction. gta5 -> middle~high settings My next step is to set the setup1.3 to auto-boot with port 2 enable. Also to build a rack to put the egpu adapter and power, too many cables on the desk:05.18-flustered:
  5. Makoto

    Acer Iconia 6120 - 'unlocked' BIOS

    Hi svl7, Really good job in this unlocked BIOS. I am (still) using this iconia and your bios is really great as the original bios have too much restrictions. By the way, the PCI part, I enable it to do some test for the second mPCIe slot but nothing is detect when I plug card into it. Any settings to do in your BIOS to enable the second mPCIe port? Anyway thank you for your good job.
  6. Makoto

    eGPU experiences [version 2.0]

    Hi. I am actually trying to build a gpu in my laptop, and have one question. Forgive my bad english... System : Acer laptop eGpu : pe4c 3.0 Graphic card : GTX750ti Connection : mPCIe (by removing mPCIe wireless lan card) I can boot (with switch enable for delay) without problem, the LED on the egpu are green, fan running. But windows do not detect the card. In device manager, there is only the onboard gpu show. I check the wireless lan card and can still see it in device manager. Even if i disable, or delete from the device manager, it detect again and show it again... (of course the card itself is removed, and the egpu is on) Is the cause is that the mPCIe port is whitelisted ? Can it be solved with setup1.x ?

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