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  1. is this not it? https://www.techpowerup.com/vgabios/172336/172336
  2. Well i waitied long enough, after reading Every article that the entire WWW has I bought a gtx860m for my Asus ROG G75VW! if anyone out there has any interest in aiding me I would be willing to offer payment <granted Im not rich> anyways I have a gtx860m on hand and I am about to start doing the chassis mods required, <Simple enough> I however do not know how to edit the bios to insert the 860m into the Main bios file, or how to modify the graphics driver that I have read I will need. I did find a neat little program that fixes the Error 45 issue with a simple click <from the EXP Egpu endevor I went through with my Dell E6530 that works Amazingly well I have a EVGA 1070FTW Hybrid running on that with upgraded I7-3630 processor, I have been doing all the research I have been able to, having completed that Im ready to move onto my real goal of Upgrading my ROG G75vw gpu. I already upgraded the Processor to a I7-3740 <runs super cold> and the ram as well, Sooo If anyone out there that understands the ins and outs of editing bios files for the g75vw to begin with that would be a great help, i can upload the required files, ther eis a online repository of vbois files i grabbed the gtx860m from so i dont need it running to get that. Thanks Asus ROG G75VW I7-3740 32gigs ram 2 250gig SSD's GTX660M <currently running>
  3. That looks awesome!
  4. I tbought thunderbt and the mini diaplay are 2 different things
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