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GTX 1060 in GT70 and GT72


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Nice one man, Nice one! I take it you did this yourself right? If so did you get the GT72VR-6RE Heatsink? Loving the Firestrike GT72S score it means its a great upgrade for my GT72-6QD with a GTX970m 6GB. Any issues such as random reboots or shutdowns ?


Also was the card an MSI one or a different manufacture? 

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Ah right, Wonder why it needs a driver inf mod????


Which HSF is that for the GTX970m or the GTX980m?


Whats the temps like after benching on the GPU?


Wonder if a Vbios update will solve the issue. I take it G-Sync was showing after as well?


Merry Christmas BTW

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Because MSI never sold this Combination,GT72 with GTX 1060.

Nvidia don`t take the right Subvendor ID in there Drivers.

Max.Temperature during the Benchmark 78°C

You can´T solve it with Vbios,MSI don`t have it.


Also Merry Chrismas


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Sweet, Would you be able to do a big big favour for me.


Do benchmarks and measure the LOAD/TEMPS/POWER for me would be interesting. Thanks for the Updates. Hopefully if you can give me the Subvendor i can contact a rep at Nvidia directly to get them added.


Using HWInfo will do.

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GTX 1070 is also working in GT72,non G-Sync Cards  works without Problems in G-Sync Modells.

My GTX 1060 non G-Sync works fine in GT72S with G-Sync.

The Problemis the Device ID.

GTX 1060 is also working in MS-1762 on IVY.

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Changing TDP is only possible in Vbios ,but Pascal BiosTweaker is not out yet.

Maybe Svet from global MSI Forum can help You t o change it with Hex Editor.

Or You try it with MSI Afterburner.change Power Limit.

But i think it isn`t a Problem of the TDP,the Card have only 192bit.


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No,i can`t change it.

In MS-1762 the GTX 1060 in Bechmark only work maximum with 60FPS like G-Sync.

I never have throttlen,not in MS-1762,MS-1763 or MS1782.

Here some Benchmark :

GTX 1060 im GT70 mit IVY  (MS-1762)
Die Werte beziehen sich alle auf maximale  60 Frs,irgendwie hat das Ding schon G-Sync.:-)


Time Spy


Timespy GT70:

3Dmark11 GT70:

Firestrike GT70:

Timespy GT72S:

3Dmark11 GT72S:

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