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  1. j95 is still doing them. Just posting them elsewhere (NBR)
  2. try this one first https://forums.geforce.com/default/topic/518208/geforce-mobile-gpus/brightness-controls-not-working/4/
  3. What bios says means nothing. The 1070s in my P370EM are the same. If Windows detects it and drivers can be installed and it works - what else matters. Prema vbios for 980M unleashes even more power, if your heatsink can't handle it the temp limit to control boost clock works too. Win win. There are registry fixes around to try for the brightness controls. They werent hard to find when I looked last just google something like 'geforce brightness control registry fix'
  4. MSI SLI 1070s into a P370EM. Careful dremeling and INF mod only. No internal display, because I only have an LVDS panel (and no optimus to drive it) but it should work with an eDP panel+cable. Stock 1st gen two piece EM heatsinks run... hot. But it works. http://forum.notebookreview.com/index.php?threads/806069/
  5. You will just need the eDP cable from the 4K screen as well as the panel.
  6. If you're still on the stock 120W power limit bios then yes the 980M heatsink will handle it fine. If you unlock it to what it can do - up to 200W - that's where the double heatsink will prove its worth
  7. Try to find yourself a cheap 3720qm or up, they can do a partial unlock and get 4 extra turbo bins. I have 3720qm with Clevo unlocked bios and raised power limits that turbos up to 3.9ghz and multi core stress tests at 3.4ghz, and a 3740qm that maxes at 4ghz on another Bclk OC is usually underwhelming, a few % at best, since you're running stuff like PCIe out of spec and they don't like that, most I've ever gotten out of a laptop is 103.5mhz or 3.5% Also look for Svet on MSI forums a small donation and he can make one for you
  8. 1070 has been done months ago, uses the MSI card. You can use either 980M heatsink or the bigger 980 desktop heatsink with mods. I suggest looking on eBay and contacting the seller (woodstack666) to ask your options Overall power is similar to 980M in SLI which is why I haven't bothered myself (I've only run into SLI issues in a couple games myself) but yes you could recoup most of the cost by selling your 980Ms Gecube in china is soon going to start making a 1070 that will be cheaper than the MSI. I suggest you look up the Nvidia 10 series discussion thread on notebookreview forums to track that
  9. That's still not normal. If the heat is getting to your heatpipe it'll get to the grill and your fan should handle it. Are you using a decent thermal paste properly? Is your heatsink flat? Tape mod got me a few C improvement on p170em. Liquid metal dropped temps by at least 20C vs old AS5. 3720qm with maxed power limits and +4 turbo bins and a visibly warped heatsink (constant 10-15C delta between cores 0 and 1). It was my test; it dropped temps just as much on my p870dm 6700K both before and after delidding with it too
  10. Lol the OP actually bought it and installed it months ago.
  11. Prema mod vbios V2 off his site worked fine for me a few months ago ? I used gsync version as that matches my hardware I had to cap the 6700K to 60W and run a -100mhz underclock on my 980Ms to not trip overcurrent on my 330W before I got a joiner in (I already had two other 330Ws from my Clevo collection) First thing I did was see how high I could get it, 606W from the wall is pretty good I think
  12. It was because the bandwidth of LVDS is maxed out by 1080p60. 3D which is a 1080p 120hz panel required a higher bandwidth protocol and connector - eDP which is what is universal in new models AFAICT. Anything ever made with a refresh over 60hz or a res over 1080p is definitely eDP. So there are two basic configurations of the m17xR4: Up to 1080p 60hz non-3D panel connected to LVDS port, routed through iGPU, Optimus enabled. 1080p 120Hz 3D panel connected to eDP, Optimus not possible. Pascal upgrades work on the 2nd. Theoretically for the first the iGPU can translate the output from the GPU but it depends on how Dell built the communication protocol, if the iGPU only tries to check for LVDS output from the GPU then it won't work. I got hold of a 3D m17xR4 in anticipation of chucking a Pascal GPU in it being pretty sure it'd work with one way or the other but didn't like the chassis at all and sold it on shortly after.
  13. Did you use the non gsync vbios? Also try the global setting to use the dGPU in NV ctrl panel just in case, sometimes the Optimus settings don't detect game exes launched from launcher exes properly
  14. You can buy 240W PSU off the shelf you know? Hit up your reseller it'll be the same tip for the P170EM as well as the other flavours of P15xSM. Try eBay or Aliexpress if you want, but as with buying anything electrical direct from China, the risk you'll blow either your money or your laptop offsets any saving.
  15. bennyg


    Have a look on NBR for DARCODER's thread on a 4K upgrade on his P377SMA. Any variations on the process of baking your own cable will depend on whether the panel you choose has the same pinout and whether it needs 3.3V or 5V. First thing to check though is physical dimensions. Easiest path is to retrofit one that was a factory option that means there's a factory cable that you can buy and use.
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