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FREE STUFF: Ubisoft 30 days of Giveaways


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UPDATE 12/15/16: Ubisoft is now giving all 7 games away together in a bundle this weekend from December 15th to December 18th. Check out the link below to get them now. 





Ubisoft in celebrating their 30 years of making video games is giving away a new item everyday until December 23rd. Thanks to some sleuths on Reddit, we now know what they will be giving away each day. You can grab these items by having a registered Ubisoft account (we recommend uPlay) and grabbing the items from there. Today (12/7/16) they're giving away Assassins Creed 3 for the PC. After that it is mainly just wallpapers and miscellaneous items until December 15-18 when they give away some nice games including The Crew, Prince of Persia, Rayman Legends and Splinter Cell


Here's the full calendar below courtesy of Reddit:

Date Offer
Nov 24 RAYMAN CLASSIC on Mobile
Nov 25 30% off Ubisoft Games
Nov 26 Exclusive Collection of E3 2016 Cards
Nov 27 Ubi30 Exclusive GIF
Nov 28 For Honor GIFs
Nov 29 Ubi30 360 Image
Nov 30 Just Dance Greeting Card
Dec 1 Ubisoft DIY Advent Calendar
Dec 2 Steep Wallpaper
Dec 3 Exclusive Digital Posters from E3 2016
Dec 4 Rabbids HoliDec Goodies
Dec 5 WWW Wallpaper
Dec 6 Ubisoft Cocktail Recipes
Dec 7 Assassin's Creed 3 on PC
Dec 8 Ubisoft Wrapping Paper
Dec 9 300 Game Giveaway
Dec 10 Watch_Dogs 2 Wallpaper
Dec 11 Ubisoft Gift Tags
Dec 12 Ubisoft Dessert Recipes
Dec 13 Ghost Recon GIFs
Dec 14 Wallpaper for Mobile
Dec 15 Prince of Persia on PC
Dec 16 Rayman Legends on PC
Dec 17 Splinter Cell on PC
Dec 18 The Crew on PC
Dec 19 Rayman GIF
Dec 20 Steep GIF
Dec 21 Exclusive 2017 Digital HoliDec Cards
Dec 22 Ubi30 Wallpaper
Dec 23 Ubisoft HoliDec Decorations


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