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  1. Theangelofspace15

    P870dm3 water cooling, can we do it?

    Hi guys. I was watching some videos about water cooling a laptop and I found the asus gx700vo. I saw the inside It looks pretty similar to the p870dm3 (the pipes), so I was wondering, is it posible to do a solution loke that? Making you own dock or even so add support to add the asus dock? Any thoughs? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Hi. I just bought a clevo p870dm2

    the one with 3k display and only 1 1080


    is there a mod available for this laptop? And if yes what do I get by installing it? Thanks for tavking the time reading this message.

    1. RUSHDimon



      не могу скачать Vbios on msi gt 70 gtx980m 8 gb


  3. Theangelofspace15

    Y510P SSD Slot

    can we use this port for a egpu?
  4. thanks for the info. off topic. is there any aftermarket or diy to make thunderbolt 3 egpu? somethinf that will not cost you 200+?
  5. Theangelofspace15

    FREE STUFF: Ubisoft 30 days of Giveaways

    I tale free games any day

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