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  1. Been playing on a exile server with a couple of steam buddy's. We are looking for more peps to play with. look for me as The_Chief. thanks
  2. This looks a lot better then the 480. I was going to get the 480 at first but then thanks to Brian explaining whats wrong with the 480. Just going to wait for this card. I rather pay the extra cash for this then try to save on money. I know that my pc is getting old (2014). So this will be a good upgrade from a 270x 2gb. when I get to the point to build a new pc ill give the card to my son for his pc. thanks for the this Brian.
  3. I'm hoping for some more hero's on the 24th. Its a fun game to play with others on TS. Lots of action and trying to figure out all the hero's.
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