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Asus G75VX eGPU... Need Help! Running over TB1 using Sonnet Echo pro Expresscard adapter and PE4C.

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I bought this thingy-mabob so I can try an egpu build. It's an Sonnet Echo Pro Adapter. what it does is it able to connect to expresscard devices over thunderbolt. I bought the Pe4c (which is the thing to put your gpu at) and I put in an old gt 640 (yes it works). I crossed my fingers AND I prayed but all this shit does is make the fans spin at like 1000rpm (I got a nice little personal fan now). I tried updating BIOS and disabling dGPU I even fresh installed my computer (goodbye porn :() Anyway, I wanted to do this because in the long run, it would have saved me money instead of buying a new computer. All I would have needed to do was buy a new gpu and BAM! 4K gaming. But if anyone wanna help my sorry ass, please do so. I wanna play BF1 but 4 year old gpu is crap. Please anyone with knowledge of this subject or maybe even the legendary Nando4 can help. Thanks.

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join the club bro. g75vw with vx's bios & 670mx (instead of 670m) here , but over mPcie/beast.

if you make it work...let me know please what you did.

mine doesnt have issues over mpcie, it detects the card, but refuses to use it. 

sadly,i see the forum is kinda dead for now...prolly most ppl are thanksgivingin' for now. expect slow replys, from what I am seeing also.


ps: this seems to be your problem: 


  • Upon powering my eGPU, the fan on the eGPU just spins faster and the card isn't detected.

    This indicates the eGPU is either not on the PCI bus or isn't getting 3.3V. Try unplugging, replugging the mini HDMI cable (expresscard solution) or hotplugging the PM3N (mPCIe solution). If the card is still not detected then connect the setup to another system's expresscard slot. It may be either a faulty expresscard slot or mini HDMI cable. Worth testing the eGPU in a desktop system as well. 
  • I have problems running an Nvidia eGPU with an internal NVidia dGPU (supplied by nlooije/Khenglish)

    The trick is to get both an NVIDIA dGPU and eGPU working work under the same driver.

    This method assumes that the eGPU is detected in the device manager. If any errors such as code 12 or 43 are present check the corresponding items in the Troubleshooting section. If using the PM3N and it is not detected then maybe the mPCIe port is whitelisted, use the Setup 1.30 to unwhitelist.
    • Download the latest drivers from the NVidia website or from this post by Tech Inferno Fan.
    • Once the eGPU is detected, windows will automatically search for drivers through windows update. Cancel the search, and let windows install the standard vga drivers.
    • In the device manager, right-click uninstall the dGPU and eGPU NVidia drivers. Use CCleaner to search for any residual Nvidia driversoftware and delete further.
    • Install the latest Nvidia drivers. If everything went correctly then the installation software should ask permission to install the drivers twice, once for every card.
    • Reboot and cross fingers.

here's the  troubleshoot thread:



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Thanks Darkthor. But I'm probably going to just get an ugly ass alienware and plug up that alienware amp thing to it. I don't want to fuck up my laptop and not be able to sell it. Damn, this is going to cost some money. Guess I'll have to skip paying for rent this month :\

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My recommendation is to hold your horses....cause it can work,and be cheap.

I doubt thunderbolt would have any problem, since tbolt is better than mpcie in terms of issues. And since I've set it up in terms of issues, and FINALLY  WORKS i recommend you guy a gtx 980 ti, with a PSU...and fire that baby up cause it will work!



quick update:


Got it working.



my setup:

- asus g75vw with 670mx  (from a  g75vx- and I modded its bios)

-beast exp gdc - <30$.  beast mini PCIe version v8.4D

-DELL DA-2 220W input for beast adapter.


-gtx 750 ti from MSI  (ANY card BELOW pascal 1050, 1060 and 1070-1080  series) that uses a driver BELOW 372.70)




ORIGINAL firestrike:



NEW firestrike: 





didnt need setup 1.30

Windows recognised it INSTANTLY


plug and play LITERALLY.


Steps to install it:


-Plug it in on mpcie

-turn windows on.

-install DDU display driver uninstaller - uninstall ALL nvidia drivers.

- reboot

-install  your new EGPU driver ( beware! install the older drivers BELOW 372.70)


-install your dedicated gpu drivers

-reboot again

-watch and be amazed on how your new egpu works: try gpu-z on both gpus, on egpu you should see core clocks...and then go in nvidia control panel in start menu (not gfe experience) and set up your gpu preferences.



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Damn man! Good shit! But I already agreed to buy the disgusting alienware laptop. Also, I tried following your steps but it didn't work. Guess I shoulda bought the mpci-e version. But how's the game performance compared to desktop version? It should be around 70% right? And it sucks u can't use pascal gpus.

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sold my 1050ti...bought a base msi 750ti....worked instantly with older  drivers...50%+ firestrike score ( g75vw runs wifi mpcie at 2.0 x16 ....who knew?) .


overwatch on  [email protected] ish frames.





I'm happy for now, a 980ti is in the works soon .it'll blow the roof , definetly.

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      Here's some common problems and some troubleshooting steps to correct them.
      Getting a black bootup screen, resolving error 10/43 or ACPI_BIOS_ERROR win bootup messages
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      I'll add that should error 43 continue AND you have a NVidia dGPU as well as NVidia eGPU then it's likely because of having the mobile NVidia and desktop NVidia drivers loaded simultaneously. Proceed to uninstall ALL your NVidia drivers, use "DDU" to clean NVidia registry entries and do a 'clean' install of the latest NVidia desktop driver.
      mPCIe port that hosted the wifi card disappears when connecting an eGPU in it's place
      Use the Setup1.30 PCIe Ports->enable to enable the missing port.
      eGPU does not get detected
      Overcome mPCIe whitelisting by booting with the wifi card and then hotswapping in the eGPU. That way the BIOS will enable the mPCIe port to work.
      1. Boot with wifi card into Windows, sleep system, swap wifi card for mPCIe eGPU adapter and ensure eGPU is powered on, resume system. Do a device manager scan in Windows. Is the eGPU detected?
      2. Boot with wifi card into Setup 1.30 *carefully* hotplug the eGPU adapter in place of wifi card. Hit F5 to rescan the PCIe bus. Is the eGPU detected?
      If this enables detection then avoid this tedious hotswapping by seeking a unwhitelisted modified BIOS for your system OR test the Setup 1.30's PCI ports->undo_whitesting feature.
      eGPU still not detected - set the PSU to be permanently on
      The latest EXP GDC and BPlus eGPU adapters try to manage the PSU to only power on after they detect a signal. This can cause a race condition where the eGPU isn't ready to go when the CLKRUN signal is asserted.
      Avoid this by jumpering the PSU so it's permanently on rather than being managed. Depending on the PSU you are using refer to the following doco on how to do that:
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      eGPU still not detected - faulty hardware?
      If you still don't get detection then test the video card and eGPU adapter in another machine to confirm neither is faulty.
      NVidia driver stops responding
      EXP GDC, PE4H 2.4 and PE4L 1.5 all use a socketted cable and therefore are not true Gen2 compatible device. This error indicates there was transmissions errors.
      The solution is either to get a better Gen2-compliant eGPU adapter such as PE4C V3.0 or PE4L 2.1b (both with soldered cable), or downgrade your link from Gen2 to Gen1 using BIOS options or Setup 1.30
      Other troubleshooting help resources?
      See DIY eGPU Troubleshooting FAQ.
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      7.) External monitor, keyboard, and mouse.
      1.) Obtain and install a unwhitelisted BIOS. If you are unable to obtain a unwhitelist BIOS, I think it might be possible to bypass it with Tech Inferno Fan's Setup 1.x (may need confirmation as I haven't used it myself yet.)
      2.) Shutdown computer and remove all USB devices, ethernet cables, power cables, card reader cards.
      3.) Remove mPCIe wireless card and detach antennas.
      4.) Attach EXP GDC external mPCIe cable to the former wireless slot and screw down.
      5.) Attach HDMI end of the mPCIe cable adapter to the EXP GDC device.
      6.) Attach graphics card to the EXP GDC device (I moved my laptop off the desk and onto the side shelf to make room on the desk for the monitor/keyboard/mouse).
      7.) Using the power cable adapters that came with the EXP GDC device, I hooked in my ATX power supply's 20 pin and CPU 4 pin cables. Then hooked the other end (8 pin) into the EXP GDC device. My EVGA 750 Ti also required that I use an additional PCIe power cable (6 pin) in the top of the card.
      8.) Then I attached my misc devices (HDMI monitor, USB keyboard/mouse/wireless adapter), and hooked in my PSU and powered it on (below is image of final product, also moved HDMI cable out of the way).

      9.) Power on your computer and let it install the standard VGA drivers and then install your drivers (I didn't have to go in the BIOS for any graphics settings, which it doesn't have anyways, nor did I have to disable iGPU in Device Manager before the card was added).
      Extra Info:
      I found that most games will play on med settings with about 45 FPS with this particular card.
      BDO: Upscale on - Anti Aliasing on - SSAO off - med settings.
      Skyrim: Med-High settings.
      Fallout 4: Med settings.
      (EDIT 5/19/2016) > Images added.
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