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  1. you might want to extract your current rom using Universal BIOS Backup ToolKit 2.0 and opeining it with amibcp v 4.53
  2. Find your unpacking folder: C:---> NVIDIA :---> DisplayDriver :----> 37X.xx ----> Win8_win7_64 :-----> International :-----> DisplayDriver
  3. it was a trick question. usually you dont need any tools, you just get the flashed bios on a stick and use home+del while booting up or something to relash from the usb drive. Usually even if it's still bricked. But there is always de-soldering the chip and writing it way, of course. ebay can get you a chip writer for 5$ i think. I already have a modded bios, since i have replaced and upgraded my laptop's internal nvidia gpu + dyi'd the heatpipes for the new gpu. thank you and 'grats. i'll post your laptop model so people cand find it for quick reference: acer aspire v3-471g i7-3612QM 2.1 Ghz iGPU hd4000 / dGPU GT 640m / eGPU evga GTX 1050 ti sc exp gdc v.8 maybe people with your laptop model can find happiness as well with this dreaded 1050ti. the forum you were on is bios- mods dot co m , prolly. and those guys usually use amibcp to mod bioses, and use universal bios backup toolkit toolkit 2.0 to extract the original one.
  4. Hotplugging isn't what you say it is. Start here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hot_swapping Then read this: OUR problem here is USING it AFTER it gets detected.The problem is with the drivers themselves , not the MB not accepting/recognising the card. If the issue was with hotplugging, we'd use egpu 1.30 and just load a PCI dump that works, for example the wifi card. We would use it, in layman's terms, if the gpu would not be detected by windows, or it would have issues allocating. A few posts ago you asked for nv_dispi.....and i explained why it's useless above. Since you mention it works... i really gotta ask how were you able to mod your bios but you don't understand the nv-dispi ' s role. how did you mod your bios? what program did you use? did you use a chip reader? also, can you show us proof the gpu actually works? like a screenshot with dev manager, gpu-z with clock speeds and dxdiag ? or maybe ingame where you can select which gpu to use?
  5. if. for example, on my asus, i dont have that option, not even hidden & locked . but that's not the issue. it gets allocated just fine.
  6. NV_DISPI talk time Let's clear something out about this NV_DISPI.inf everyone is crazy about. It's not the holy grail and THE file that you need to worry about ! NV_dispi can be FINE and you're still screwed. Why? READ ON FOR ONCE: NV_DISPI.iNF is a instruction/ descriptor file that is used during install AND adds in your registry certain informations {HKLM } regarding copied files and their USE by Windows AND copy specific files from the display driver folder to the system folders (like system32 / syswow64 ) and activate specific services required by your GPU. Even if it's perfect , if a DLL is screwed or from another driver, you're screwed. And good luck finding out which of the TONS of dll's and registry keys is screwed. Thinking that just having the correct nv_dispi file will fix stuff, is ludicrous. It's like saying if you have instructions on how to build a rocket, you don't need the correct materials (dll's) Once again: nvdispi is a set of instructions to your pc as to -what deviceID that specific driver supports (THIS is what you can mod- desktop to mobile , otherwise 99% it wont work) -what files to copy for a specific deviceID from the mountain of dll's inside the driver folder -what registry keys system needs to ADDRESS the dll's and USE them for the display drivers -what services it will have/install/use for your display driver. -what other instructions it must follow if a specific dll / instruction table is copied (in my case, nvami- i have an ASUS) Why does modding nv_disp work from desktop to laptop? -if all these sound like mumbo-jumbo or you dont understand what they do/are , please stop right here. it's definitely out of your league. ( Acer & Gateway = nvaci.infAsus = nvami.infApple = nvaoi.infCompal = nvcti.infClevo (Sager & other re-brands) = nvcvi.infDell & Alienware = nvdmi.infFujitsu = nvfmi.infHP = nvbli.infHP = nvhmi.infLG = nvloi.infLenovo = nvlti.infMSI = nvmii.infNEC = nvqni.inf Siemens = nvfui.infSony = nvszci.infToshiba Qosmio = nvtdi.infToshiba = nvtsi.inf ....etc ) Why it works to mod the nv_dispi and nvami/etc to install desktop drivers on laptop edition gpu? -Because the gpu inside your laptop it's the same architecture as the desktop one, with (usually) same parameters , same processor, just "dumbed down" and underclocked like crazy so it can work with the power requirements your laptop has. -If the architecture is different, there is 99% chance it will never ever work, or just error out. Even if it's modded, if the dll you need (..GOD knows which ! ) , has a bad syntax somewhere....you're screwed. It's like forcing a square peg in a round hole and hoping the paint won't chip on either. Doesn't work like that. PS: An ENTIRE forum says it's not working ....and your "friend" says it is. I smell something fishy....as in i call bullsh*t. I think it's one of those troll posts like "i got it running! woot!...." and the guy disapears off the face of the planet after 2 posts. If it's NOT and it's legit, I want to see GPU-Z screenshot and dxdiag screenshot, display adapters screenshot of the integrated GPU, laptop model, setup , and windows version. And a benchmark, any benchmark, off the iGPU and Egpu.If not, it's bullcrap.. Why? It may look like it's working, but gpu-z wont give any readings off the Mhz of the gpu. 100%. It's an intermitent error I had sometimes when I installed 1050ti over the base drivers, and they somehow got mixed. The gpu doesnt work at all, and after you uninstall everything and DDU, you will get error 43, like normally. Even if it says it's working normally, gpu-z WILL NOT, i repeat...WILL NOT give correct Clock readings....aka: bogus installation. And I'm coming back to what the last 6 pages wrote,and NO ONE NEW TO THE FORUMS cares to READ: 1050 Ti DOES....NOT.... WORK ...OVER...mPCIE YET !!!! Stop littering the thread !
  7. 395 has more files than 372....so this is why you copy extra files from 395 over it.
  8. mod nv_dispi AND nvdmi (or which it's yours) AND add whatever files miss from the 372.70 doesnt have (copy-paste it over,and say no to whatever's asking windows to override. It will install, but after a reboot the driver won't work. That's as far as i could go.
  9. it is...unless you go ahead and buy gpu's that were not tested by the community. if you bought a 1050 ti like me...well...there's your problem. traded it for a 750ti and it ran instantly.
  10. tried it with 372.70 ? or what version of drivers? the inf i see is win 10 64 bit 372.70
  11. can you share the whole driver pack ? did you try a benchmark on them?
  12. FOR THE LAST TIME! 1050/ti DOESNT WORK YET! ...not even with modded drivers. People that have working laptops with working egpu setups without blocks...cannot install it. You either see it as standard vga adapter, or with error 43, or, GPU-Z doesnt see it's real clock . speeds! Return it and get a 900 series, or wait a while.
  13. nv_dispi.inf file? -tried that. didn't work. nvami?- tried that didn't work. (just to bust some myths....modded all the inf files in 372.70 with 1050ti info....and failed...the driver refused to work)
  14. sold my 1050ti...bought a base msi 750ti....worked instantly with older drivers...50%+ firestrike score ( g75vw runs wifi mpcie at 2.0 x16 ....who knew?) . overwatch on ultra....@50 ish frames. I'm happy for now, a 980ti is in the works soon .it'll blow the roof , definetly.
  15. it was the 1050ti. i plugged a 750ti, ddu-d all drivers, got 750's ancient drivers in,rebooted, installed the dgpu drivers, rebooted....EVERYTHING WORKS !! from 2660 score in firestrike, i jumped with 750ti to 3750. nvidia gave me the worst 3 nights I could ever have.....thought i had to mod my bios with 150ti's vbios or some sh*t.
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