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clevo p150em ati 7970m died? works with gtx 260m

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Hello all,


i have two questions...


the first one is:
i have a clevo p150em with 7970m. My mobo got a short circuit and fried... i replaced the mobo and discover that my processor fried too... replaced it too , but now i cant put my gpu to work, ati 7970m... I pretty sure that the video card fried too but im not 100% sure.... As I changed the motherboard for an equal, the gpu (if not fried) should work normally, right? or Is there something I might be missing?

bios recognize its a 7970m, 



the second question:
I have a working gtx 260m that was pulled off from a alienware m17x r1... I installed it on clevo. Bios recognizes that there is a nvidia card. But I could not install it on windows. I searched for a driver for gtx 260m compatible with clevo p150em but I found nothing, anyware on the internet. my clevo p150 works with it pluged, not reset as if without a card but i cant install it on windows ... could anyone help?  do I have to do something like flash vbios of the video card? any driver mod suggest ? Or is this card really incompatible with my clevo?



Thank you in advance.


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hi khenglish,


thanks for the replay. 


I installed the driver using inf mod, but all the drivers I installed, I could not "put the card to work".  its show ok in device manager, In gpu-z it appears with the normal clocks. But I can not switch between the intel hd 3000  and gtx 260m. In older drivers such as 260.63, 275.33, i can even access the nvidia panel, but there is no option to choose the video card.
In newer drivers such as 342.00, 314.21. I can not access the nvidia panel, it gives a message that the video card is not plugged into any display. Follows images. Any tips?

nvidia 1.jpg

nvidia 2.jpg

nvidia 3.jpg

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