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eGPU - After one year use suddently DEAD ?


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Hi all, I posted a topic to share my successful installation one year ago, here is the topic link :



And after a perfect use for almost one year (11monthes and few days), from yesterday the egpu is not detected by Setup1.30 anymore.


I didn't change anything on the computer side, nor on the egpu adapter. Same cpu, memory etc.


Now when I boot, one of the 4 LED on the egpu adapter turn RED and setup1.30 is no more detecting the egpu card. Also the fan of the gtx750ti is staying at a high speed run.


I join the picture of the egpu adapter with the LED turned RED.

If anyone have an idea of what happen...


One more thing, one time of ten time booting, egpu is working fine. But freeze after around 30mn of use.



ACER iconia-6210 (dual screen laptop, no physical keyboard)
CUP core i5 480M
RAM 8gb
SSD 256
Windows 10 pro 64bit
pe4c v3.0 mPCIE connecter
Dell D220P AC adapter
Asus GTX750ti



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