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  1. Hello guys, There is anyway to unlock the voltage of MSI 280x R9 ?
  2. Hello guys i need some help, i have read alot of information and i m a little confused.In this article (http://www.anandtech.com/show/6066/acer-aspire-v3571g9435-the-value-proposition/5) they use this screen: http://www.laptopscreen.com/English/screen-part-number/B156HW01~V.4/But they forgot to buy a cable with 40pin LVDS-LVDS, so the image goes all whiteIn other topic (http://forum.notebookreview.com/thr...-my-aspire-v3-571g-9686-wxga-to-wuxga.760821/) one user have said this:"I change my screen to fhd today,* 30pin edp N156HGE-EBBSize: 15.6-inch WideScreen (13.6"x7.6")Resolution: WUXGA (1920x1080) Full HDType: MatteBacklight type: LED* New LED cable for Acer ASPIRE V3-571 V3-571G Q5WV1 FHD HD LCD LED LVDS video cable DC02C004600 (40pin to board edp to screen, see image bellow)Little cutting and use some double sided tape for fixing screen. Thanks for this topic"So what i have to do? Buy a edp-Lvds screen and that cable and everythink will be ok? My board will read like a normal LVDS screen? This cable is on sell in many sites see picture bellow
  3. This is not working on my v3-571g-53338g75 makk Neither vBios 1.07 or 1.13. My current bios is v2.01. I have to downgrade for one bios like 1.XX? edit: ok i get this one but is not fully tested: http://acerfans.ru/uploads/forum/files/1403766653_acer_v3-571g_v2.21_unlocked_by_tolstyluty.rar
  4. Thanks. i will try make one like you. it will be a good adventure xD
  5. Dont do that please if not in June, its ok to be after that, but dont stop please.
  6. Hello you will have some Prema Mode or vBios for Clevo N100 series? Like Clevo N150RF or N170RF? Thanks.
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