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13" Lenovo U310 + GTX750Ti@4Gbps+c-mPCIe2 (EXP GDC V8) + Win7 [ReverseEffect]

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3dMark11 Performance Preset Benchmark: http://www.3dmark.com/3dm11/11262792


Required items:

1.) Lenovo u310 (I have a Core i3 - Ivy Bridge, 8GB RAM)

2.) 65CN99WW unwhitelisted.

3.) eGPU (I used a EVGA GTX 750 Ti from another computer I had).

4.) EXP GDC mPCIe Edition adapter (got from eBay - banggood seller).

5.) ATX power supply (I used a 600W PSU from another computer I had).

6.) USB wireless.

7.) External monitor, keyboard, and mouse.



1.) Obtain and install a unwhitelisted BIOS. If you are unable to obtain a unwhitelist BIOS, I think it might be possible to bypass it with Tech Inferno Fan's Setup 1.x (may need confirmation as I haven't used it myself yet.)

2.) Shutdown computer and remove all USB devices, ethernet cables, power cables, card reader cards.

3.) Remove mPCIe wireless card and detach antennas.





4.) Attach EXP GDC external mPCIe cable to the former wireless slot and screw down.





5.) Attach HDMI end of the mPCIe cable adapter to the EXP GDC device.





6.) Attach graphics card to the EXP GDC device (I moved my laptop off the desk and onto the side shelf to make room on the desk for the monitor/keyboard/mouse).





7.) Using the power cable adapters that came with the EXP GDC device, I hooked in my ATX power supply's 20 pin and CPU 4 pin cables. Then hooked the other end (8 pin) into the EXP GDC device. My EVGA 750 Ti also required that I use an additional PCIe power cable (6 pin) in the top of the card.




7a.) Connected 20-pin motherboard and CPU 4-pin to adapter.




7b.) Closeup of power adapter (20-pin, 4-pin).




7c.) Overhead of connections and connected 6-pin PCIe additional power for my card.



8.) Then I attached my misc devices (HDMI monitor, USB keyboard/mouse/wireless adapter), and hooked in my PSU and powered it on (below is image of final product, also moved HDMI cable out of the way).




9.) Power on your computer and let it install the standard VGA drivers and then install your drivers (I didn't have to go in the BIOS for any graphics settings, which it doesn't have anyways, nor did I have to disable iGPU in Device Manager before the card was added).


Extra Info:

I found that most games will play on med settings with about 45 FPS with this particular card.

BDO: Upscale on - Anti Aliasing on - SSAO off - med settings.

Skyrim: Med-High settings.

Fallout 4: Med settings.


(EDIT 5/19/2016) > Images added.


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