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  1. I play with G-Sync (max FPS 60). Every time I run a passage with comparatively light load, my GPU boosts the core clock speed. This adds to the pwerconsumption significantly. With the clock speed limited to the max clock speed under full load, I get the the best performance without the overhang. Best regards phila
  2. Update: If you try to get one straight line (same clock all over) you will likely loose performance, like I did. The thing is to set the Point of your desired maximum clock about 850 mV an let the clock spped decrease to the left by one step each. To the right you want to keep your max clock of course. This will save you up tp 30 Watts on scenes with light load as with the regular curve the card will clock up and thus use more power. Best regards phila
  3. Hi there! As Afterburner 4.3 beta 14 gives access to the voltage curves, I plaed around some and found out that one can undervolt the GPU with some success. After locking my GPU clock on 1709 mhz @ 800mV and the RAM clock on 4498 mhz I was able to run the Witcher 3 with the same framerate (73.5 FPS 1080p ultra without Hairworks) as under standard voltage - anyhow my notebook was consuming about 15-17 watt less (152 instead of 168). With G-Sync enabled (one might as well say with FPS locked to 60) the result is even mor drastic, as the GPU won`t clock up as the load decreases in light weigth scenes. I could reduce the power consumption about 20-30 watt (128 instead of 156), depending on the GPU load. Perhaps some of you guys care to post their results, and perhaps are able to answer one question: I thought with GPU clock locked to 1709 an RAM to 4498 I thought I`d surpass the standard settings in regard to the FPS - still this is not the case. I know this has to do with th undervolting, but still... Best regards phila
  4. Yep. At least the link I posted suggests that the mobile 1070 will have more shaders but lower clock than 1070 Desktop. Yet it seems the two cards might nearly deliver equal performance. Best regards phila
  5. Perhaps i will be proven wrong shortly: http://videocardz.com/62483/mobile-geforce-gtx-1070-to-feature-2048-cuda-cores Best regards phila
  6. In this case the mobile version looks like a letdown to me? This card would have a hard time against the 980 non M.* Best regards phila *I`d gladly be proven wrong.
  7. If you do not need the very latest ultra superduper Hardware you can get along with a mobile 970m quite well. I got one in my ultra portable gaming notebook and can play the latest games on high at 50-60 FPS. Especially when the new mobile cards are released you will submble over some decent deals. Best regards phila
  8. With either Express Card Slot or removable WiFi you should be able to. Still - your processor might get in trouble with some of the latest games. Care to click on the post below for more info:
  9. Sorry for this. Arbystirder was just so impressed about how cool he is that he forgot his manners... What he really wanted to say was: "Hi threre! Nice to have you around! How can I help you!" (As this is how a pro would act.) Now for your problem: 1.) What kind of games do you want to play? Are they very demanding? Can you name some titles? Those questions are important as any games will run on your CPU but some more recent games will not work with only 2 CPU Cores. So before planing/investing on an eGPU you should ask yourself if your CPU can handle the games you want to play. If this check is positve you should think about an eGPU solution. 2.) As those eGPU solutions in general require a special interface, you should then check if your notebook features this very interface. The thread Khenglish posted should be of some help in this regard. I found this article very heplful: http://www.pcworld.com/article/2984716/laptop-computers/how-to-transform-your-laptop-into-a-gaming-powerhouse-with-an-external-graphics-card.html And perhaps this vid might be a helpfull addition: If you are not the DIY kind fo guy, there might be some premade solutions comming up: Best regards phila
  10. I`d say you`ll get a refurbished one. They just used the form for billing no matter it the notebook is old or new. Best regards phila P.S.: Keep me updated if the notebook happens to be completely new - I might end up buying a Dell too next time ;-)
  11. This seems stragen. After initial doubts I am running win10 pro on all machines - including my notebook with mobile 970m [memo to myself: update signature]. This system also supports the switch betewwn mobile and dedicated GPU and I do not suffer any of this probelms. Any game related issues possible? Best regards phila
  12. I am interested in having a modded bios for my 3GB 970m on Gigabyte p34w v4. The GPU is soldered. Curiously there seem to be no such bioses around. Best regards phila
  13. After the release of the RX 480 I am not so sure if AMD will mix up the high end mobile market - to say the least. About the 1080m: If the recently leaked benchmarks of the 1080m are true I am not alltogheter happy: ~14000 Pionts seem nice, but stay well unter the 15000 of the Desktop 1070. O.k. there will be some overclcoking but I hoped the card would end up between the sotcl 1070 and 1080. Yet: Perhaps there will be a "1080m" and "non M" version... Usually those cards are paperlaunched during summer. Are Listed in september and get shiped in october (early november here in Europe). At least that`s what I experienced when buying my 980m and 680m. Best regards phila
  14. Same here. Plus I still lack a 970m 3GB vBios. Best regards - phila
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