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  1. You must be in the wrong thread. The y580 has hd 4000 enabled and switchable graphics should already work.
  2. I'm not sure why you qouted me. Anyway those settings are fine for booting a usb. Did you format the usb with utility provided in the first post?
  3. Yea, I remove my 2.5" drive every time I try to attempt an install. Yes, I've tried this too. Legacy or UEFI, my msata does not boot. I have no clue what to do about it. I've been working on this since mid-december and I can't boot to msata on my windows 8 y580. Trust me, name it I've tried it. I've got no reason to believe I need to RMA the drive and at the same time, I'm not interested in trying to send my laptop to lenovo for a month on top of the fact I don't have a clue what specifically to tell them is wrong. I've been using the windows 8 iso on both usb and cd. I clean and convert to gpt in diskpart. Installer partitions and installs on my msata but loops back to cd/usb on boot. I remove the CD/usb, and modify the boot order so that I boot legacy on my SSD because it doesn't show a UEFI boot option AS IT SHOULD. Attempting to boot results in a black screen. No blue screen, no OS logo, nothing. I reinstall and reboot my 2.5" drive and the msata drive shows system partitions and system files installed.
  4. Got my 104 error fixed, flashed like a pro. I still can't get my msata ssd in sata port 0 to be bootable(formats and stores data in windows 8 when booting off of HDD.) but in the very least I got numlock fixed. I bow to greatness.
  5. FYI still following this thread. I'm in the error 104 group too.
  6. Alright, I now duplicate the exact error in post 163. Error 104. Flash Devices found are identical as post 163, so I'll skip the screenshot. Let me know how I can help.
  7. I uninstalled mcafee which was default included software. no spyware/virus protection active for sure. I unblocked each file individually in properties. I set fptw64.exe to run as administrator. I unlocked my windows hidden administrator account and switched to it. I rechecked that all files were still unblocked. I opened command prompt with run as administrator while logged into administrator. I navigated to the folder that contains the unarchieved fptw64.exe. The 2 batch files and the modded bios are in this same directory. No matter what I use... batch file or the command svl gave me in the earlier post, I get "Error 284: Fail to load driver (PCI access for Windows). Tool needs to run with an administrator priviledge account." I'm scratching my head. I'm sorry guys, anything I missed? I read back a few pages but it seemed there was no more relevant info for the windows 8 bios revision.
  8. Latest and greatest in Lenovo's full size laptop toys. You can SLI an additional 650m in the ultrabay. I'm not sure what all you can get in the ultrabay besides the Blu-ray drive or the 650m. Laptop has few issues though including trouble with Widi as I think the laptops integrated intel hd 4000 mistakenly is disabled. No hd 4000 no widi apparently. Also god have mercy on the elan touchpads that curser jumps all over the screen.
  9. I was having trouble running this earlier today. I moved the batch files and bios into the folder of the flashing utility. I ran as administrator on the backup batch file, I edited the utility properties to run as administrator. I tried navigating to the batch file manually in an admin command prompt. I put a pause line at the end so I could see what was happening. Everything I do is either can't recognize the command or claims I'm not running as an administrator. I read both the read me files and the forum thread the flash utility read me file linked. Wow, I can't believe I can't get something so simple to work. Just a damn batch file lol.
  10. Tmsmith

    Gaming Mouse

    Been looking for a good gaming quality mouse for my bluetooth laptop. I haven't been looking real hard but still, the lack of selection of bluetooth mice is disappointing. It makes me wonder if bluetooth has lag or something else to make it undesirable.
  11. I've grown partial to nvidia pretty much out of habit. I used techspot.com's desktop buying guide when I started getting into system building and it always seemed like nvidia was always the top value in the upper market of GPUs. AMD gpus couldn't stay recommended for long because something from nvidia is always stealing the performance crown back. I'm all about a good price in the high performance arena.
  12. Hi. I'm nobody. Not really much more then an enthusiast at this point. I love to build computers. I'm glad I stumbled across this forum, I like it. But I don't know how much help I can be. I am hoping to make a career change from car manufacturing to an IT professional. Just now returning to school just short of my 25th birthday.
  13. Hmm... I may try it out later tonight after I read up on InsydeFlash. Need to make sure I know what I'm doing and I don't. Edit: Drat, don't have download access yet.
  14. I have this bios too. Would love to have some help with it. Seems my sata controller refuses to boot to msata. Seems the new y580 bios for windows 8 and the 3630QM has locked me out.
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