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  1. Pls someone help me to unlock my vbios gtx 880m,I just wanted to back my stuck base core clock and memory cause it keeps stuck into 405mhz in core clock and 810mhz to memory clock plsss someone help me
  2. jsin

    Unlock bios

    Can someone help me to download unlock vbios for MSI gtx 880m my core clock stuck at 405mhz and may memory clock is 810mhz pls someone help me:(
  3. jsin

    MSI GT70 2PE

    hello guys, ive join this group cause i see alot of people found a fixed for there problem i have a problem too:( my laptop got stuck base core clock and memory clock is there someone can help me?
  4. hi there im jhay, by the way i am novice here,i just wanted to find a solution for my laptop it really annoys me, i cant play a stable because of throttling i hope someone can lend a help for me..by the way thanks in advanced for let me go in to this group i hope ican help to vice versa thanks:)
  5. do yoi have unlock vbios for msi gt70 2pe gtx 880m 8gb? pls help me my base core clock stuck on 405mhz
  6. pls someone help me im in worst in gaming:'(
  7. hi guys i really really needed you help i think im flashing a bad vbios on my laptop its an old one my core clock stucks at 405mhz what should i do? pls anyone can help me:(:(
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