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  1. Hi, Just a quick question guys. I've successfully gone down to A03 stock bios and now upto svl7's unlocked A09 bios. Brilliant. However this is all new to me and I don't have a clue where to go from here to Overclock. My CPU is 3740 QM (running at 2.7 GHz) and i'm running 2x7970's in crossfire. Can anyone point me in the direction of a guide or settings just to set me off on this exciting journey of tinkering with my M18X R2. Sincerely Thanks Chris (cwiggy78)
  2. Hi Yep u are correct. Funny thing is it extracted fine to my computer but would throw an error at me when the installer auto ran saying I didn't have a supported o/s. so I went into the properties within device manager and pointed it to scan for drivers to where the files were extracted and it picked them up fine.
  3. Hi Update.. ACPI\VEN_SMO&DEV_8810 is the device I'd for the driver that is missing. This is driving me mad. Any ideas ?
  4. Hi. Just done fresh windows 8 install on my new m18x r2 onto a new ssd hard drive. I've managed to install most of the drivers but can't seem to find the right drivers for the pci express slot and its showing up in device manager with a yellow exclamation mark - no drivers. Can anyone point me in the right direction. I've been on dell driver site under win 8 and it wasnt there. thanks in advance chris (cwiggy78)
  5. Hi. ok so i've successfully gone down to the A03 bios using the files linked by mazmorbid and using the tutorial linked to by svl7. (took my laptop 130 beeps :-) ). So thanks for the help guys. my question now is it recommended to go to the A03 unlocked & IRST or upto the A08 unlocked & IRST ?. And Is it simply executed through windows or do i need to force it using the same method i just used to go down to A03. I've already downloaded both files and just waiting on expert advise from here thanks
  6. Hi. Once placed on my fat32 USB stick do I just reboot my laptop with it or do I use the forced method removal of battery holding home button etc ? - - - Updated - - - Hi. Sorry premature post lol. It has all the files so i'm going to give it a try now. Thankyou.
  7. Hi I've almost given up trying this as the official A03 bios file i get from Dell website does not come down such that i can extract it and get 9 files. I imagine they've changed the download file from the one you guys have used (in the reflash guide you have linked to) so I cant even start to try this. Dissilusioned. Please help Thanks Chris (cwiggy78)
  8. Ok ill take a look at that Thanks for the advice Chris (cwiggy78)
  9. Hi, i'm going to try use this procedure to revert my Bios from A08 down to A03 so as to then go on to the unlocked bios. Any precautions you guys recommend before I make the jump ?. Thanks
  10. Hi Just received my new M18X R2. Was wondering how dual boot is working out for you on SSD as this is the setup i'm probably going to go with. How much space did you a lot to each partition ? Thanks
  11. Hi I receive my new M18X R2 tomorrow and I can only assume it will have the crappy locked down A08 Bios installed. After reading through this post I'm under the understanding that to get the best unlocked features I should 'blind flash' back to A03 then flash the A03 unlocked & IRST bios firmware. I'd like to add my machine will be running Windows 8 so would A03 unlocked & IRST still be the people's choice ?. Please forgive my ignorance as this is all new to me but how do I perform a 'blind flash' ? Also I'm new to this forum so as I've only posted this once I've noticed I cannot download the revisions which include the IRST. I take it that's normal as per forum 5 post ruling ? Anyway thanks in advance Chris (cwiggy78)
  12. Hi Just saying hi to introduce myself. Proud owner of a new AW M18X R2 so looking forward to seeing all the topics about this on the forums Cheers
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