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  1. 16gb of ram 4gb I have used for the ramdisk (Dataram), and believe me the difference is apparent. 1333 to 1600 there is not much difference, but if the 1600 has a good price, why not? ciao
  2. 16GB HyperX 1600Mhz Ram, and all my works without problems.
  3. Alienware Command Center I work without any problems, and since I upgraded to Win8.1 Update1 has solved the problem a slow start, now in 8 seconds Win8.1 is active. Ciao
  4. there is also wanting to use a ram disk, or Virtual Machine ciao
  5. I do not know what might have happened, but after upgrading to 8.1 Update1 win, M14XR1 starts in 8 seconds, now with the A08 Bios Mod, I no longer have any kind of problem. Ciao - - - Updated - - - I with evo 500gb, I've never had any problems with bios, it A05/A08 with original Dell, and even with A08 Mod Do you use Win7 or Win8? ciao
  6. EVO 500gb, 16gb ram, Win 8.1Update1, A08 Bios Mod with SATA fix, start in 8 seconds. fantastic Ciao
  7. but you can not extend the warranty?, you definitely cost you less, than have it repaired out of warranty Ciao
  8. I do not know what to tell you, I also installed the bios mod. then I made ​​changes without knowing what I was doing, and the M14x R1 would not start. I followed that procedure and I put the original bios and then it started. Your M14x is still under warranty? if yes, call for service and tell them that you put the bios A08 (do not tell him of the bios mod) and you do it repaired. Ciao
  9. you have followed this guide link ciao
  10. if your max transfer rate is 250 MB/s and your ssd is connected to sata2, it means that it's perfectly But you have to understand why it is always or almost 100% you have tried to see in the task manager which is the task that you care more cpu? ciao
  11. try doing a test with ATTO Disk Benchmark, you should have the transfer rate on the 500 MB/s. my bench: ciao edit: I have not installed RST
  12. if your ssd is slower than the HD mechanic, sicuramenet is abnormal. For a better understanding, you should put the config of your pc hw/sw. ciao
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