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  1. I remember reading that Intel removed something from their processors concerning video processing or decoding... That's kinda driving me to think about possibly getting an older one. I encode and reencode alot of video. But does look like the latest generation is a winner so far. Money isn't an issue, since I usually get a unlocked overclocked processor and a asus maximus extreme for the long run... I'm coming from a i7-3770k maximus extreme IV. Honestly it runs fine lol. But a 1 1/2 hour encode taking only 20 mins is a huge deal to me especially since electricity prices are retarded right now...
  2. I believe aliexpress still has some for sale, but I can't vouch for the quality...
  3. Is there a newer version that works with the current windows 10 feature updates? Mine never shows temp, been using the manual functions. Sorry for rezzing an old thread. I still use my Y510 everyday... *EDIT* Openhardware 0.96 is working with ideaFan v2.0. Just copy the files from the unzip into the same directory as ideaFan before you run it. Shows temperatures for all cores. Latest version of Windows 10 fully updated with all Feature updates.
  4. I've been searching the web trying to find an article about something removed from later versions of intel's processor line regarding video decoding or encoding... If it's been remove from both the 11th and 12th gen I'm leaning to the performance of the 12th gen to make a decision. But I've been talking to people that tell me to stick with a 10th gen... Being the last time I bought a processor was the i7 3770K I'm on now back in 2013-2014 I've fallen behind on the improvements along the way.
  5. Just saw this, I'm Bryan from Southern California! Nice to meet you all. My general urge to "unlock" everything lead me to this forum. I overclock, love modified firmware, and generally like to give some older equipment another purpose before discarding it. Thanx for having me!
  6. This is so insane... Doesn't the weight of the graphic card put stress on the port itself?
  7. I was using my Y510p to encode in handbrake, run a mobile game through chrome, and unpack rars over the network and noticed the laptop was getting insanely hot... First ran into suggestions of ideafan to help cool it down (has BSOD twice now) and now I find you can unlock the bios =D I'm just read through this thread where someone was having trouble with the 2nd video card in SLI... Was this resolved or has anyone else run into this? Is it as simple as use the official updater to undo the bios changes? Sorry so many questions... a bit excited to see this thread. I noticed playing Overwatch or Diablo 3 it will eventually start to stutter...
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