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  1. Where did you source your fan? Having a hard time finding one. Edit Check out OEM XN0G5 Dell Alienware M14xR2 CPU Cooling Fan 0XN0G5 CN-XN0G5.
  2. I scraped mine off with goo gone / wd40 and then used sand paper on the plastic, then painted the wrist guard.
  3. was recently given a bag with the broken parts to a m14x r1 in it. Refurbishing, installation of windows 10, and gameplay are being posted on http://www.youtube.com/sandiegolan now I just need a bios that will let me click "performance options menu" without freezing. Hoping the unlocked one does the trick.
  4. I'm excited to try this out after applying liquid metal to my CPU and GPU. I'll post a video of the results of the OC on http://www.Youtube.com/SanDiegoLAN once I can.
  5. Thanks I guess I just have to wait for someone to put me in the allowed to download list. Edit: Went ahead and paid for the membership, thanks for the work put into the bios and keeping the links / site active.
  6. After most games being unplayable I opened the system up and repasted with liquid metal. Now i'm seeing sometimes 7x my FPS in some games. Cod4 went from the 20's o well over 100 FPS, rocket league went from single digits to playable in the 40's etc. Highly recommended. Just trying to find a good download for the updated a08 bios with the SATA mod so I can access the performance options.
  7. Hi there, I run http://www.SanDiegoLAN.net and was given an old Alienware m14x laptop as a gift to try and fix up. It was in pretty bad shape but after fixing all the cosmetic issues I could, i'm now hoping to find an unlocked BIOS for it and I hear this is the place. You can find the video of the refurb project on http://www.Youtube.com/SanDiegoLAN
  8. Sorry for the necropost, is there anywhere we can get the a08 unlocked bios with the sata fix now? All the links are dead / expired.
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