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  1. the pc bios/motherboard or the gpu vbios ?
  2. yes i have prema bio, my pc is recognized as eurocom X5 (i think ) , Also if ,the replacemente "inf" doesn´t work ,use this moethod donwload and extract the driver too a folder goo to device manager- select gpu - choose update controler on my pc , select the folder off the driver you extracted and click on the inf item ,then select the model of you´re gpu . then restart , should work even if you don´t have prema bios , the lastest bios support the 880m gpu , for what i saw on google .
  3. yes, i have an gtx 1070 on my p170sm
  4. hi , i came here ,recomended by a friend , who understand and made my bios mod on my laptop My question , is simple , i got upgrade ,from 8970m , gtx 980 8gb (dead) to finally gtx 1070 this card pushes 115w , and doesnt care about temps at all, i manage too find a smal mod , using msi afterburner i reduce Core Clock and mem clock to minimum ,and play that wahy , i also use RLEC (too control speed fan acording too temps cpu and gpu ) why summer coming , i need too find a mod too increase cooling capacity for cpu and gpu . And i´m also wanted too find new bottom part (like this) , since mine just broke the screw who holds the hinges . Thank you
  5. i have an gtx 980m 8gb for parts , according too the lastest teste ,i made before aquire my gtx 1070m , the pcb is dead de bga chip is good . have too menction .that , gpu had suffer 2 attempts too repair pcb , but no sucess Send me DM ,if interested .
  6. hi, i´ve fixed an gt 660m 2gb version ,it was taken from an Dell Alienware M17x R3 ,and it only beeps 2 times ,acording too google is "no gpu" error , this bios file ,will helpç, my p170sm ,using the card normally ? Thanks
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