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  1. What bizzare thing.... Doesn't for me, all other files I get to download no problem but not this one...
  2. Hi, it appears site download is broken and I can't download this one specific version of VBIOS. Any way guys you can link me to another upload or pm me the file? Much appreciated. Thanks
    I am not allowed to download this... Why??
  3. Hey, just wondering about the 770m support for P150EM ? Does the latest system bios now support these GPU's or is it still under-work ? THANKS!
  4. Alright, I need to do something, got MSI GX780 here, currently flashed with GT780R stock bios for RAID purposes (still identifies as GX780R) who can share live links for svet's ME_Port.com ? What are my steps needed to be taken? Thanks
  5. thanks bro, that helped a ton for me. Now researching the sweet spot for voltage/clocks and CPU tuning, etc etc... also getting few more PSU's to get them rocking as one, as single PSU pulling well over 410watt is somewhat expecting to be bottleneck of a power line very soon!
  6. Im not runing 780m SLI, its 680m SLI. I know about the score difference, but it should have been way higher in SLI because if you compare LOAD DIFFERENCES, single GPU mode - GPU utilization is nice and even at full clocks where in SLI mode - GPU utilization never cross more than 90% per each card. I will do unigine heaven 4.0 on extreme now, will report soon. EDIT: here it goes, single 680m: SLI 680m and also screenshot of TS and gpu's utilization problem while in SLI, see the curve? Power draw from the wall peaked at 317 WAT's while [email protected] Stock, all fans @ max, GPUs Core's @ 901MHz & 0.987v
  7. well, here is my single GPU score's on 3dmark cloudgate performs pretty nice and even load if single GPU only... maybe my secondary GPU is no good? Im on 314.22, I doubt older driver will sort my utilization issues.... however I will try, but which version do you suggest?
  8. So, here is my bit of storey, ok here comes another m18xr2 with some weird issues had originally latest dell VBIOS 80.04.5B.00.02 Experienced some weird issues on 3dmark firestrike and cloudgate, etc GPU was setting its clocks to whatever it was its max (was 719mhz on original vbios) but GPU load fluctuated between 76-86% etc never more. This only happened if I set my GPU's in SLI Enabled mode. If I set it to single GPU mode GPU utilization was 99% no problem. Thought that could have been driver issue, tried all, didnt help(yes clean driver uninstall, driversweeper, ccleaner, reinstall etc) Thought must be the VBIOS is doing something, did grab svl7 VBIOS of the same version, but did not solve the problem. Tried OV/OC nothing helped. Temps are stable solid sub 65c etc. Also we tried few different versions of this VBIOS still no joy... however, I come to think, either: My PSU is faulty? My GPU's are on there last legs (unlikely, not stressed before)? My SLI cable problem? My motherboard problem? After short run just to visualize what I experience here you can see what I mean: EDIT: Also here is msiAB monitoring screenshot of crysis3 everything maxed out to very highest setting (v-sync OFF) OC to 901MHz GPU / OV 0.975v (monitoring @ 100ms refresh intervals) EDIT#2: with help of svl7 I've downgraded to older vbios unlocked by svl7 (from 80.04.5B.00.02 to didnt help... any ideas???? Tell me what do you think what can it be?
  9. Thats what I reckon now yea, it has to be SLI... so one 680m OCed basically beats the SLI of 675mx in theory
  10. wow this beats down my heavily OC'ed 7970m !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Very very cool! Was this OC 675mx or stock GPU clocks and memory clocks?
  11. well this is interesting, very price-power ratio is good indeed. what about performance and I wonder if its sli capable? Ive M18X R1 and wonder if it would work, pricetag is tempting.. post some 3dmark11 and 3dmark vantage scores
  12. There is new A09 M18X R2 bios out that contains fixes and new IRST OROM so if this can be unlocked it can be just flashed over the A08 to A09 Unlocked likes
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