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  1. Successfully upgraded from GTX 560M straight to GTX 970M 6Gb (stock Clevo GPU). Now looking for GT60 heatsink (so it will 100% fit and works as is need to)
  2. If you can go to 90Hz it will be very good and smooth, then just turn on V-Sync in every game that you play and that's all you need OC'd mine to 120Hz but using 90Hz + V-Sync in regular mode and 120Hz w/o V-Sync for CS:GO. Works perfect
  3. Successfully OC'd GT683 display to 120 Hz, but in surfing mode GPU don't "sleep" and always working on stock frequency (776/1250 or 814/1250 in Turbo). Of course GPU is heating up to 60-63 degrees in Chrome :C, while w/o display OC it can be 40-42 and (50/200 or so GPU frequency). Worth it? Think so, especially in CS:GO Maybe can go higher, but don't need it
  4. Hi, guys. I have GT683R now and want to make an upgrade too. In my plans changing heatsink to GT60 (with GPU-to-CPU copper pipe) + 0.65A fan instead 0.36A stock + GTX 970M 6Gb (stock Clevo P770 version) + 2x8Gb 2133Mhz DDR3 HyperX Impact modules (ofc after unlocking BIOS) + CPU upgrade to 2820QM or 2860QM, because i dont want to abuse cooling system hard or overclock CPU. And another moment - i have 16F2 mobo from GT680R and will try to replace HM67 to HM77. Will post separate topic about this
  5. Hi there! As i know the best fully working GPU is 970M (without replacing VGA heatsink, only modding) If you want to replace your old GPU with 980M - first of all you should buy powerful PSU (180W at least). And yes, 16F2 can accept Pascal GPU (especially P3000 due to copper area on heatsink), but Pascal will work only with eDP interface, when 16f2 have LVDS. It means that signal will be only on HDMI (but there can be troubles too, some users admit that there is no sound, only image via HDMI). So best choice for 16F2 (as for me) - GTX 970M 6Gb. Work fine with modified drivers and have good gaming potential with Sandy bridge (especially with i7-28**QM, because 28** have 8Mb L3 cache, while 26**\27** have 6mb)
  6. Hello! Maybe it will be better to look for a 970M or 8970M (best quality\price ratio) And yes - they must work (with modded drivers maybe, but will work) About 870/880m - they are too hot and greedy for power consumption, but may fit MS 16F31 too
  7. Hi there, maybe my answer is late, but... No, there is no need to unlock BIOS, but it will be good if you update it from MSI official site to last version. You still can use stock CPU heatsink. For thermal compound i will advice you MX-4 or Noctua NT-H1
  8. Great job, man!) Still waiting for 970M, must come to me tomorrow, even modded heatsink already. For my GT683 (i7-Sandy + 560M) it will be huuuuuge difference i think
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