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  1. Did you have to tweak anything other than the hertz to get it to that?
  2. What have you been able to overclock to? I have a Dominator GT72 2QE and I overclocked mine to 90hz without tweeking any settings other than the hertz. I am curious to see what people are pushing their panels to. I would love to get mine to at least 100hz.
  3. I just made the switch from CSS to CS:GO. GO is better due to the much needed visual updates. Also, Warcraft MOD is the best!
  4. Gotham Trailer Park Boys Game of Thrones Workaholics
  5. They have gone the way of music and copy what ever is working at the time. Innovation is at an all time low in my opinion although there seem to be a few diamonds in the rough from time to time. Also, the micro transactions and loot boxes make me sad. I can understand micro transactions in free games as long as they don't give competitive edge. Other than that, I wish they would disapear.
  6. Just seen Black Panther and Solo. Both were awesome.
  7. Hello, VikingJoe from Texas. I just bought a new to me MSI Dominator GT72 2QE with an 8 gig GTX 980m which is what brings me here. I love everything about the laptop except the temps. Hoping to figure out how to undervolt it a bit for better temps. The only thing I have done to it so far is overclock the screen to 90hz.
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