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  1. I got a new laptop with gtx 1070 coming. Super excited. Can't wait til it gets here.
  2. I'm fairly certain that this is almost next to impossible unless you have one of those industrial-super-micro-fully automated-precision soldering machines.
  3. After doing some digging around, I found most of my own answers. GTX 980m is the best video card and i-7 2960xm is the best cpu for this notebook. Upgrading to those two would cost me almost $600. At that upgrade cost, I'm thinking it's better to just get a new gaming notebook.
  4. I'm looking for best possible CPU and GPU upgrade to my GT683DX notebook. I noticed that the best CPU is the i7-2920XM. Is this correct? And is it plug and play or would I need the unlocked bios to use it? And is the 970m the best video card? Thanks in advance!
  5. First post on the forum! I'm looking forward to mod the bios on my old GT683DX. Need to turn the HT off and maybe mess with the OC a bit. Still runs like a champ and don't see the need to buy a new laptop, yet.
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