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  1. Just a little bit of advice guys - do not install EVGA Precision on Windows 10 with NVidia cards - theres a very high probability it will brick your hardware! I upgraded my GFX to a GTX970m 6gb and updated vbios and main bios - all was fine, Later that night i installed EVGA Precision - just to adjust the fans kicking in and next reboot, my screen was dead, seems to be quite common especially with samsung screens, the bios for the screen had been corrupted, and i almost went out and purchased a new sceen until i spoke to a couple of very helpful people on Notebook Review Forums, who set me up with instructions to diagnose, locate and fix the problem using Lubuntu - took me 4 days to fix but my screen is now working!!!
  2. All fixed - word of warning! - Windows 10 + NVidia drivers with no Optimus + EVGA Precision = bricked hardware - especially with samsung screens had to rewrite the screen bios that were corrupted using Ubuntu and a rather complicated set of instructions!
  3. Hi guys, I recently upgraded my GTX570m for a GTX970M 6gb - everything ran fine for a few days then i booted up my laptop and the screen was black - completely dead! i have checked in the bios and device manager and it does not detect the screen - as if it isnt there...... I also updated Main Bios and Vbios to modded/unlocked but havent changed anything I'm running on an external monitor with the HDMI connection and that works ok Is this a common issue and are there any known compatible laptop LED backlit screens that i can replace it with I have opened the screen housing and there is a number LTN156HT01-101 LTN on the sceen edge and also another 2 numbers LJ97-03243A and LJ96-05574A - the last number is related to the screen number of an ASUS 53S. I was wondering - are laptop screens quite interchangeable if it is the same type of backlight and display port (40 pin) connection I have seen some sites that say make sure it has same backlight - LED, same connection - 40 pin, same size and resolution, and also which side the connection is on Any help with this would be appreciated Thanks
  4. It's fine now, thanks for the advice Just had a very helpful guy sorted me out with latest modded/unlocked bios for my MS-16F2 (E16F2IM7.50E) and my GTX970m 6gb vBios - all installed and running sweeet so far! I know these are pretty much tailored for my machine cos he took a couple of hours working on them Cheers for the help and advice
  5. Hi guys,I'm trying to update the bios on my Medion Erazer X6819 - MS-16F2I've replaced the GTX 570m recently with a GTX 970m 6gb and now trying to get all the bois up to dateI ran Afudos with E16F2IG6.30R using /p /b /n but it says ROM file ROMID is not compatible with existing ROMID - i was pretty sure this is the right biosHere's my specsMS-16F2i7 2670QM8gb 1333 mhz ramGTX 970m 6GbExisting BiosBios - E16F2IM7.509EC - 16F2EM71 VER4.06ME FW - ver - 1AvBios to flashBios - E16F2IG6.30R EC - 16F2EG1.422 I tried to download the 3.05 bois from here but it wont let me so i got the 30R from another siteAny advice would be very much appreciatedThanks
  6. Not sure about that one but..... this is the guy i bought mine from Canada and went straight into my laptop (MS-16F2) - with a slight mod on the 570m heatsink - he was very helpful and the card comes from the factory with bios already done, and included thermal pads and paste, and he put the parcel down as a £25 VGA "Gift" to avoid the customs duty - he's worth talking to http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/nVidia-GeForce-GTX-970M-6GB-for-MSI-ALIENWARE-CLEVO-/182107625678 Mine is running sweet so far with 2670QM and 8gb ram - BO3 and BF4 run fine on it maxxed out!!!
  7. Thanks mate, i'll have a look at this a little more, seems like a pretty good performance jump on the 2860QM and not far behind the ones i looked at. The ram upgrade will also give me a decent boost so i think a bit more research and i'll be ready to go
  8. Hi, Looking for advice, on a few points..... Just upgraded my Medion Erazer X6819 (MS16F2) - MS GT683 graphics from a GTX 570m 1.5gb to a GTX970m 6gb all seems ok apart from my Drivers are on 353.54 - tried removing and updating but just returns to this driver version But what i really need advice on is my CPU upgrade - i currently have an i7 2670QM @ 2.2Ghz G2 socket I have been looking at either 3940XM or 3840QM - not sure if these would fit and work ok or if there would be a better option - they seem to have the same socket - so i'm wondering what advice you could give me and what i might possibly need Thanks Mako
  9. I just bought a GTX 970m 6gb from a guy Woodzstacks in Canada (i have a Medion Erazer X6819 / MSI GT683) - he asked the model of Laptop etc and the Kit came right from the factory with vbois already done - all i did was mod the heatsink as in the diagram above. He was very helpful with advice on modding etc and i highly recommend him. I think there is a bit of a bottleneck with the 2670 i7 so i'm looking at upgrading that next. Only thing is driver update and is on 353.54 drivers - obviously needs modded drivers so i'll have to wait but the games run fine on it. Not sure what is the best CPU for my upgrade but have been looking at i7 3840QM
  10. Hi Guys, my name is Mako from Inverness, Scotland. Been building and modding desktops for a few years now, thought i would try my hand at laptops now since realising my Medion Erazer X6819 was upgradeable, i've done loads of searches recently while looking to upgrade my graphics and this site seems to come up alot and seems well respected in the community. Gotta do a bit more reading on here before doing any more upgrades - the next stage seems a little harder than swapping out a Graphics card and modding a heatsink. Will be asking alot of questions very soon
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