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  1. Agreed, and I do like vsync, though I'm not sure what my minimum would be for that "very good and smooth" feeling. However I actually recently bought this laptop with the intention of upgrading to the 120Hz panel anyways. I just succeeded in that last week thanks to the guide on NBR, and curiously the 120Hz panel can only OC to 125Hz before it blacks out. I would guess the higher refresh rate screens are already pushed to the limit?
  2. You got me curious, so I just clocked my AW17 LGD02DA display to 82Hz by only changing the frequency. Had to turn optimus off with the I/D GFX button though so that I could do a custom resolution in NVIDIA Control Panel. I like how it seems more consistent even at lower frame rates as well. I don't see the need for gsync if your monitor has a high enough refresh rate (when the frame to frame time is small enough anyways)
  3. Hopefully this is a good spot to put this, and it helps somebody out someday. Attached is the modified inf for 425.31 windows 7 drivers (880m, m17x r3). Installed OK on my rig. nvdmi.7z
  4. I'll hopefully try undervolting my 880m soon. Has anybody had much success in doing so? Unfortunately I don't see a wattage reading from Afterburner or Hardware Info so I don't know how much power my card is actually consuming, but I would be interested in a % power saving from undervolting at stock speed.
  5. Hello, I've been an outsider looking in for a while now, but have decided to finally join the community. I'm sure the unlocked BIOSes here will give me many hours of entertainment. As the name suggests I like to tinker, so unlike some of you who may want the most powerful thing you can get, I get a fair amount of enjoyment just from tweaking whatever I can get my hands on (so long as time allows).
  6. I found another way to do this recently using the windows tool InsydeFlash. Perhaps it's more relevant now since these laptop batteries are getting quite old. 1) open "platform.ini" in notepad 2) search for "BatteryCheck" 3) change 1 to 0 4) save changes InsydeFlash should now run without checking for a battery. This worked for me with InsydeFlash V3.93.00 Be aware though that a badly timed power outage will brick your machine.
  7. Manufacturers seem to be doing impressive things in small packages now (the razer blade comes to mind), but even so a GTX 1060 can't boost as high in small packages due to the thermals. Higher heat also decreases reliability/lifespan. Also, opening up some of these rigs for cleaning can be fairly annoying/difficult if you ever want to repaste, or clean fans (RAM and drives are usually accessible without much trouble) If I wanted a 15 inch laptop I would first ask myself how much horsepower I need, then find some benchmarks. If that size laptop can do what I want with decent thermals then great, but if more power is required then I'd move up to a 17 inch model. Also, the screen size does make a difference. I feel more absorbed by a 17 inch laptop than a 15 inch one simply from the display size.
  8. Currently 5, but I have a few codes from a humble bundle that I haven't gotten around to adding yet. I generally prefer discs for older games which also benefit from a steady 120hz on my system
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