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  1. XAscendancy

    Unable to download

    I have to wait as well it's annoying yes but patient is key everyone/some are busy outside of the internet and have kids/work and duties to fulfill. Coming on the forums basically demanding your account to be promoted because i done what is asked is not gonna help your account get promoted just wait my dood..
  2. XAscendancy

    Best Voice Chat For Gaming

    Discord is really good I ditched Skype and the rest love it too bits
  3. XAscendancy

    How I got my G75VW for free

    Got mine for $400 solid laptop heavily up gradable from what i have read online various forum posts really nice laptop nice work :}
  4. XAscendancy

    CS vs CS GO?

    CS 1.6 Days were golden CSGO turned into a mess of crap :/
  5. XAscendancy


    Ayo, i'm a chill dude that is going through some rough patches...Nothing new aha.
  6. XAscendancy

    What music are you listening to right now?

    Been in a real low mood as of late alot has gone down so i have been listening to Lil peep Bones & $$ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y1HlXFZAqgM
  7. XAscendancy

    What movies have you seen lately?

    Watched Vemon the other night really good movie i enjoyed it
  8. i'm itching to download this bios gotta wait patiently and get this old gaming beast back online..
  9. XAscendancy

    How many games do you own on your steam account? : )

    My library is quite nice but not as impressive 500 Steam games 4 or 5 in Uplay 10 in Origin. Battle Net 1 ahaha
  10. XAscendancy

    Gaming Laptop build with GTX750ti-LP (Non-eGPU)

    Wow!! that is insane attention to detail and everything looks really good. Good work so far my dude
  11. I have been using AMD for a while now got twin MSI Gaming x RX480 Radeons with a heavy overclock on a custom water cooling loop been loving the cards they are great not only for the pocket but if you have time up your sleeve you can fine tune and hit a really nice sweet spot.. Back on topic i don't feel it's necessary to spend over a grand on a GPU i would wait and see what AMD come out with at least you get some really decent performance and not gonna hurt you'r pockets.
  12. Ayo, Names Kane aka xAscendancy from the land down under. Recently i got a Asus g75vw rog and stumbled on this site that is pretty swish i'm 24 years of age and living the dream...

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