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  1. Heyy old post but I was able to get my screen to push too 100hz with nvidia custom resolution a couple days ago!
  2. Hi, just a quick question what would be the best EGPU adapter, because i see the really expensive ones but then you have the 400$ dollar one that Lowspecgamer used. Which do you guys recommend ?
  3. omg thanks so much ive been looking everywhere to get one, since they are a little older now i can pick one up for 70-100$. Im definitely a happy camper now!
  4. Hey everyone, just a question would anybody know where/how I could get a modded bios for a G75VW so I can get a 670MX to work in it? Any help would be appreciated!
  5. Just today I was reading about that would you know where to get that bios and on a side note I was reading that some people were getting Gtx 780m in their G75VW with a little case modifications and a modified bios/vbios from Dreamonic, sadly though it seems that Dreamonic has since closed his forum's and has closed all connections to him. A link to where I saw these were here https://rog.asus.com/forum/showthread.php?85626-My-Asus-G75VW-Build-With-Mods-(Pics-Included) I kinda want to try to get a 780M in my g75vw but without a Bios I'm screwed lmao maybe I can contact the person making this build and see if they still have the files. But right now I should try to hunt down those Bios files for a Gtx 670mx upgrade.
  6. So basically my friend starts texting me one night asking if I wanted a broken laptop. Of course I say yes because I love the challenge of trying to fix broken tech. What he gave me was a G75VW, at first I was like wtf. My friend just handed me a gaming laptop. Not to mention this was in school so imagine having to shove one of those large things in your backpack. So I asked him where he got it and why was he giving it to me. It turns out my friends brother found it while he was dumpster diving and he was just going to take the screen and chuck the rest, but he never got around to it and was trying to throw it away when my friend saw it. So when I got it he told me it crashes when trying to turn on and that he couldn't get it to work. When I got it I had thought it had nothing in it expect the Mobo, it was also missing the back panels and the hard drives. But to my surprise whoever scrapped this thing didn't go under the keyboard because 8gb of ram and the cpu/gpu were still there. So I only had to buy a hard drive, ssd, and a power supply. So about 118$ in total. And most games I play run on it great. Mostly Rainbow Six Siege which runs on medium at 60fps great. And thats how I got a G75VW for almost free thanks for reading.
  7. Now I have been looking into maybe getting a GTX 670M but I keep look at the core clock speed and the 670m has a very low one, now which would be better 670m or 660m?
  8. Would it be remotely possible to put a newer graphics card in a G75VW?
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